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The renowned wrestler Superstar Billy Graham was a doting father to his two children. He shared his kids with his first wife, Madelyn Miluse.

The former professional wrestler Billy Graham is dead. The news of the WWE Hall of Famer’s demise has saddened the entire wrestling world.

Fellow pro wrestler Ric Flair announced the death of Graham first on Twitter. “The Superstar Billy Graham left us. Thank you for all your influence on my career,” tweeted Flair.

As per the reports, the former professional fighter suffered serious health issues, including a major infection on his skull and ears, congestive heart failure, diabetes, etc.

Superstar Billy Graham rose to fame for his stint as the WWWF Heavyweight Champion in the late seventies.

The three-time world champion is remembered for revolutionizing the physique aspects of the pro wrestling industry, interviews, and his charismatic performance style.

Besides his glorious career, the late wrestler and his wife, Valerie Coleman, led a happy family. The wrestler was a proud dad to his two kids. In this short article, get to know Billy Graham’s children.

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Wrestler Billy Graham Children: Son Joey And Daughter Capella Graham

WWE Hall of Famer Billy Graham was the proud father of two children – son Joey and daughter Capella Graham.

Billy Graham Wrestler Cause of Death
Renowned wrestler, Billy Graham had two children with his former wife, Madelyn Miluse. (Image Source: People)

The former pro fighter didn’t share his kids with his wife of over four decades, Valerie Coleman. In contrast, Graham had his son and daughter from his marriage with Madelyn Miluse.

It has been reported that Billy and Valerie were unable to have a baby. Graham tied the knot twice in his life. Madelyn Miluse is the wrestler’s first wife. The former pair were married from November 1971 to 1978.

Billy Graham’s daughter, Capella Graham, is his eldest child. Capella was born on 8 June 1972, just a year after the wrestler exchanged a marriage vow with his first wife, Madelyn.

Shortly after, Billy Graham’s son, Joey Graham, joined the family as the youngest member. Joey Graham was born on 18 March 1975.

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Billy Graham Son Joey Graham Was Born With A Health Issue

Superstar Bill Graham’s youngest child or son, Joey Graham, was born with double pneumonia and an enlarged heart. The late wrestler mentioned his son’s health issue in his autobiography, Tangled Ropes.

Billy Graham Children
In his autobiography, Billy Graham revealed that his son, Joey Graham, was born with double pneumonia and an enlarged heart. (Image Source: TMZ)

As reported MedicalNewsToday, double pneumonia is an infection of both lungs. The tiny sacs of the lungs (alveoli) become inflamed and fill with fluid or pus due to a virus, bacteria, or fungus, leading to a wide range of symptoms, including breathing difficulties.

Moreover, Mayo Clinic reported an enlarged heart condition called idiopathic cardiomyopathy. The heart muscle can enlarge and weaken due to heart structure and function issues.

Thankfully, Joey’s health issues were subsequently corrected with surgery.

Furthermore, the Graham siblings prefer their life away from the media limelight. They are leading their life away from the spotlight. 

As a result, not much is known about the wrestler’s children. It is unknown what their professions are. However, they have already grown up. So, both Joey and Capella must have a family of their own.

Hopefully, we will learn more about the legendary wrestler’s son and daughter in the coming days.

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