Is Rick Boogs Related To Rick Rude? WWE superstar Rick Boogs and late superstar Rick Rude share the same name. However, are they related to each other? Let’s find out more about their family background and ethnicity.

Rick Boogs is an American professional wrestler who currently competes in WWE Raw.

Similarly, Rude was an American former professional wrestler who performed in many promotions, including WCW, WWF, and ECW.

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WWE: Is Rick Boogs Related To Rick Rude?

WWE star Rick Boogs is not related to Rick Rude.

The two Ricks are unrelated despite having the same name and sharing the same sports.

Boogs and Rude are associated by the sports that they share, wrestling. Both have great physiques and successful careers.

When Boogs debuted on Smackdown as Shinsuke Nakamura’s hype man, many fans quickly noticed the similarities between him and Rude.

Fightful Wrestling even tweeted a picture suggesting that Rick Boogs looks like Rick Rude.

Rick Boogs was compared to Rick Rude on social media. (Source: Twitter)

Rick Boogs is a professional wrestler currently signed by WWE and competes under the Raw Brand. In contrast, Rick Rude is a late professional wrestler who competed for several wrestling promotions.

However, the answer to Rick Boogs related to Rick Rude is no; the two are not related by blood.

Rick Boogs Family Ethnicity And Career

Rick Boogs was born Eric Bugenhagen in Franklin, Wisconsin, on October 19, 1987, and is currently 35 years old.

He is a Caucasian American by ethnicity. He is married and has a daughter. 

However, his family background has not been revealed.

Is Rick Boogs Related To Rick Rude
Eric Bugenhagen, popularly known as Rick Boogs, is a professional wrestler currently competing in WWE Raw. (Source: Instagram)

Boogs started wrestling at high school, winning a state title at Franklin High School.

He was a collegiate wrestler for the Univesity of Wisconsin and wrestled at the NCAA Division I.

Further, Boogs has a degree in kinesiology and is a great guitarist whose performances of Shinsuke Nakamura’s entrance music were very well received by fans.

Boogs and Nakamura competed at Wrestlemania 38 in a losing effort against The Usos for the Smackdown Tag Team Championship.

Rick suffered a torn quadriceps requiring surgery and returned on the January 30 episode of Raw after a nine-month absence.

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Rick Rude Family Ethnicity And Career

“Ravishing” Rick Rude was born Richard Erwin Rood in St. Peter, Minnesota, on December 7, 1958, to Richard Clyne Rood and Sally Jean Thompson.

Regarding family ethnicity, Rick was a Caucasian American. He attended Robbinsdale High School in Robbinsdale.

At High School, Rude was friends with Brady Boone, Tom Zenk, Nikita Koloff, John Nord, and Barry Darsow, all of whom became pro wrestlers. He had an especially close friendship with Curt Hennig.

Rick Rude was a famous wrestler in the 80s and early 90s. (Source: Bleacher Report)

Rick married Cheryl Hollwe in 1976, but they divorced in 1982.

In 1988, Rood married his second wife, Michelle, and the couple was the parents of three children, Richard Jr., Merissa, and Colton.

Rick Rude passed away due to heart failure on April 20, 1999, aged 40.

An autopsy report showed that the former wrestler died of a medication overdose.

It was reported that Rick was working on returning to the ring and was taking gamma-hydroxybutyrate, a narcolepsy prevention drug, which may have contributed to his death.

Rick and Michelle’s youngest son, Colton, died, aged 19, in a motorcycle accident in Rome, Georgia.

During a career spanning about a decade, Rick was a four-time world champion and was known as the founding member of the popular staple Degeneration-X.

He was posthumously inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in March 2017.

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