Sang Heon Lee Parents

As the Netflix series XO Kitty just released, fans are excited to know about the new Actor, Sang Heon Lee, in the series. Who are Sang Heon Lee parents? 

XO, Kitty has just been made available on Netflix as a spinoff to the popular To All the Boys franchise.

The show’s central character is Kitty Covey, a young matchmaker who Anna Cathcart portrays.

To rekindle her relationship, she visits South Korea to visit her true love Dae, portrayed by Minyeong Choi.

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The new cast includes Anna Cathcart, Yunjin Kim, Choi Min-young, and Peter Thurnwald. Daniel Sang Heon Lee is one of the fresh actors to emerge from the series.

Xo Kitty Sang Heon Lee Parents: Ethnicity And Nationality

Xo Xitty’s star Sang Heon Lee parents details are the most researched among his fans and followers.

However, his parents originate from Korea. Even though Sang Heon Lee parents are of Korean descent, their whereabouts are still a mystery.

He has a brother named Eric Puig. Sang’s mother is a homemaker but details of his Father’s professional life are unknown. 

Sang Heon Lee parents
Sang Heon Lee Posing For A Picture (Source: Netflix Life)

Lee was born in Los Angeles, California, even though his Father and paternal grandfather reside on family land in Seoul, South Korea. 

Lee traveled a lot as a kid. Although he was born in Los Angeles, Hong Kong and China are where Sang finished primary and secondary school.

Then, Sang relocated to Northampton, England, to pursue acting studies, finishing his degree in Drama at the University of Northampton.

To complete the mandatory military training in Korea, he returned to Seoul. Sources suggest that Sang holds dual citizenship in U.S. and South Korea.

Sang Heon Lee Bio: Actor From XO Kitty

Sang Heon Lee is yet to be listed on the official page of Wikipedia. South Korea-decent Actor Sang Heon has made quite an impact in the entertainment industry.

Despite his acting skill and striking appearance, Lee is yet to be recognized as fitting to have a Wikipedia profile. Bradley Cooper is an inspiration to a rising celebrity.

Sang Heon Lee Parents
Sang Heon Lee, Xo Xitty Actor. (Source: PopBuzz)

He is pretty famous for appearing in the shows ‘Gran Turismo‘ and ‘Burning Questions. ‘

However, Lee recently gained international recognition for his appearance in XO Xitty and has been praised for his acting skills.

The 27 year-old plays Min Ho on the show. He acknowledges a sense of affinity with his persona, who also loves cooking, romanticism, and fostering friendships.

He claims that to prepare for the role, he drew on his life experiences, such as falling in love and breaking up, traveling, and experiencing adventure. 

As Lee’s debut in the acting industry, he says he felt highly fortunate as, besides having a prominent role, an excellent and compassionate staff surrounded him.

He describes how collective cooking experiences and Korean BBQ outings enhanced their bond, particularly during the pandemic.

One OF Xo Xitty Cast, Gia Kim, Is Sang Heon Lee Sister

Yes, Gia Kim, who plays the role of Yuri in the Netflix series, Xo Kitty, is the real-life sister of Sang Heon Lee. 

Even the cast was unaware of this at the start of the shoot, so it’s natural for most of us not to know about it.

In a recent interview with Teen Vogue’s Sara Delgado, Minyeong Choi related the incident. In typical Gen Z style, everyone learned about it via text.

Cathcart, Choi, and Lee set up a group chat to coordinate their first in-person meeting in Seoul after the final cast was decided upon and after spending weeks conducting chemistry tests and other rehearsals through Zoom.

Lee asked if he could include his sister in the GC while recruiting new members, which surprised the other performers.

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