XXXtentacion Religion

XXXtentacion religion is one of the discussed topics on the Internet. He was a well-known rapper and songwriter. 

Jahseh Dwayne Ricardo Onfroy, known as XXXtentacion, was an American rapper well-known for his musical projects. 

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XXXTentacion’s music often dealt with themes of depression, anxiety, mental illness, and social issues such as Police brutality and racism.

The rapper was shot and killed in a robbery in Deerfield Beach, Florida. He was 20 years old at the time of his *****. However, he is no more in this world; his music continues to be popular. 

The rapper has always been known for his hip-hop music and contribution to the music industry. 

Read further learn about his religion, ethnicity, and origin. This article will include everything you need about the rapper’s religion. 

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XXXtentacion Religion: Was He Christian Or Jewish?

Various sources have mentioned different religions of the rapper, but he never cleared out his faith to his fans and followers. 

But among all of them, many sources have considered the rapper as Christian. The rapper was very private about his personal life information.

Audiences have mentioned that he might believe in God but did not specify his religion. 

XXXTENTACION on Religion not being REAL & Meditation
XXXTENTACION on Religion not being REAL and Meditation. (Image Source: Youtube)

He referenced spirituality and God in his music and interviews. In some of his songs, he talked about his struggles with spirituality. In others, he expressed a desire to seek redemption for his past mistakes. 

The rapper believed in God but did not believe in one specific religion. It’s possible that his spiritual beliefs were similarly unique and individualized.

So, we cannot confirm whether he believed in the Christan or Jewish faith, but we can say that he believed in God.

XXXtentacion Ethnicity And Origin

Jahseh belonged to mixed ethnicity and had African American, Jamaican, Italian, and Native-American ancestry. He was born in Plantation, Florida, and grew up in Pompano Beach.

The rapper’s mother, Cleopatra Bernard, is of Afro-Hispanic descent, while his Father, Dwayne Ricardo Onfroy, is of Jamaican and Italian descent.

20-Yr-Old Rapper XXXTentacion Shot Dead Near Miami
20-Yr-Old Rapper XXXTentacion Shot Dead Near Miami. (Image Source: The Quint)

The rapper often involved identity, race, and social inequality in his music. He held Black race and often supported the black community. 

In many of his songs, XXXTentacion talked about his experiences growing up in a rough neighborhood and facing discrimination and violence as a young black man.

Also, he explored broader issues of systemic racism and Police brutality, significant social problems affecting his community, and many others.

XXXtentacion Family Details 

XXXtentacion was born to Dwayne Ricardo Onfroy and Cleopatra Bernard on June 18, 2018. 

His mother raised him, as his parents separated when he was young. The rapper shared a great bond with his parents, although they were not living together. 

XXXTentacion's mother is speaking out on a lawsuit filed against her.
XXXTentacion’s mother is speaking out on a lawsuit filed against her. (Image Source: XXL Mag)

He had a younger brother named Aiden, born after his Father’s *****. Along with his brother Aiden, he had a half-sister named Arianna Drew Onfroy. 

The rapper often mentioned that his family played a significant role in his music career and life. 

Jahseh did not share much of his time with his Father, so he had a great bond with his mother and siblings. 

The rapper was a good child, a responsible older brother, and very friendly with his friends; he will always be remembered. 

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