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As news about a fatal car crash in which singer Katherine McPhee’s nanny died is circulating like wildfire, netizens are looking to learn more about Yadira Calito obituary.

Yadira Calito worked as a nanny for the singer and American Idol alum Katherine McPhee’s son.

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Katherine McPhee and award-winning composer David Foster have a beautiful boy, Rennie, together. His nanny, Yadira Calito, had been working for the family for quite some time.

Calito reportedly lost her life in a tragic car accident on August 9, when an elderly woman crashed at a San Fernando Valley car dealership.

Katherine McPhee’s Reaction To Yadira Calito Obituary

After the crash, Calito and other injured people were brought to a hospital for immediate medical attention. She was then pronounced dead during treatment.

Los Angeles Police Department, LAPD had not disclosed the identity of the deceased. However, TMZ reported that she was Yadira Calito, a 55-year-old woman who worked for McPhee and Foster.

Katherine and David were on their ‘David Foster and Friends’ tour in Asia when Yadira Calito obituary broke.

Immediately, Katherine addressed the tragic loss via social media, stating that there had been a horrible tragedy in their family.

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Katherine McPhee's Instagram post on Yadira Calito obituary
After McPhee’s abrupt departure, Foster played a solo rendition of their act in the remaining two cities on their Asia tour. (Source: Instagram)

“David and I have had a horrible tragedy in our family and at least one of us need to get back home to our family. Please know how sorry I am and how much I wish to return one day and perform for you all. Love Katharine”, she said.

McPhee returned home from Asia quickly, missing the last two shows of their Asia run.

Though neither Katherine nor David has disclosed the tragedy, TMZ reported that the emergency was, in fact, Yadira Calito obituary.

Katherine was spotted at the LAX last Friday, maintaining a low profile.

Yadira Calito Cause Of *****

Authorities reported to The Times that an accident occurred at Hamer Toyota, a San Fernando Valley car dealership.

It was reported that a woman in her 50s was injured in the dealership accident and sent to a nearby trauma facility, where she later passed away.

The car also struck two employees, a 23-year-old and a 35-year-old man, who sustained non-life-threatening injuries.

However, Yadira did not share such luck as the other injured. She was trapped underneath the SUV and dragged nearly 20 feet before being released.

Yadira Calito
Yadira Calito passed away in a fatal car accident on August 9. (Source: Facebook)

Los Angeles Police Department stated that the automobile driver was an 84-year-old Mission Hills resident.

The elderly driver was dropping off her automobile for service when, according to the police, she unintentionally pushed the throttle rather than the brakes.

This caused her vehicle rocketed across the service bay driveway and into the customer waiting area.

The driver escaped the collision without being detained or hurt.

LAPD released a statement regarding the incident,

As the vehicle proceeded forward in a southerly direction towards the business, the driver accelerated for unknown reasons and collided with several people who were inside.

Further, they stated the force of the collision caused injuries to two employees and a customer. Major damage was also caused to the inside of the business.

Hamer Toyota, the car dealership where the accident took place, addressed the devastating incident a day after via their social media page.

In the post, they expressed concern for the well-being of the injured people and requested customers to be patient during this mishap.

They shut down their services on August 9 and announced to be back in business the next day.

Several media publications, including People and TMZ magazine, reported Yadira Calito’s obituary, citing unidentified sources.

The Times also received an anonymous email stating that the family nanny of McPhee and Foster had passed away.

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