Yadira Morel

The lawyer, Yadira Morel, Wikipedia and edad (age) is the most searched question on the web sources. Here is what we know about Morel’s esposo and hija. 

Yadira Morel is a renowned lawyer, and she is originally from Santiago, where she lived in 1972. And after she finished her education and graduated as a lawyer, she went to live abroad. 

More, she also acquired experience in the media while she was in Miami and New York, and her extensive knowledge of the immigration issue assisted him in establishing herself on Dominican television. 

Likewise, she spent most of her having lived for many years in the United States and always maintained her connection with her childhood friends and with the Creole culture.

Yadira also shared that it is sad that there are no opportunities in her birthplace, Dominicans, so people have to go live outside the country. 

Yadira Morel Wikipedia And Edad

Yadira Morel is often asked about her Wikipedia bio, age, and birth details. Unfortunately, her bio is not available on the official page of Wikipedia. 

However, we can still explore about her from the available sources where we know little about her birth and childhood details. 

So, for everyone’s concern, she was born in Santiago, but her birth dates are still missing from the sources, so we have no clue about her age. 

Yadira Morel wikipedia
Yadira Morel on the set of CDN 37. (Source: Instagram)

Similarly, Morel was born to her parents, Clemente and Isabel Morel. And she wasn’t just the daughter of her parents as Yadira grew up with her sister named, Dilcia. 

Likewise, her mother is 89 and a volunteer at the San Vicente de Paul Sponsorship, but her father is not alive. Moreover, the lawyer inherited her work capacity, temperament and intelligence from her mother. 

From the above information, we know that she is a family person and loves being with her family. While talking about her education, she graduated as a lawyer and moved to America to pursue her further career, as there was no such opportunity in her birthplace. 

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Yadira Morel Esposo (Spouse) And Hija (Daughter) Clementine Morel

As many people are aware of Yadira Morel’s professional career, there are frequent questions about her married life and family, including her esposo (spouse) and hija (daughter). 

For those who don’t know, Yadira is a married person. Besides, she is not just a professional lawyer but also a mother. While exploring her bio on the online sources, she has a daughter named Clementine Morel. 

Yadira Morel
Yadira Morel wished her daughter, Clementine Morel, on her 23rd birthday. (Source: Instagram)

Unfortunately, we have no details about her husband. Also, her wedding date and venue still need to be added to online sources, so that may take some time to get updated. 

Additionally, Yadira is a bit tight-lipped about her married life, so she hasn’t dropped many hints about her marital status. Yadira often shares pictures with her daughter on her Instagram handle, where she is active under the username @drayadiramorel.

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Where Is Yadira Morel? Health Update

Yadira Morel has stayed away from the limelight for a long time, and due to her low presence in the media, fans have been asking about her health update. 

Yadira Morel
Yadira Morel with political analyst Bob Satawake on the panel on the US presidential election. (Source: Instagram)

A Journalist named Nuria Piera shared a video on Instagram to clarify the health situation of Yadira. The Journalist confirmed that Yadira has Alzheimer’s onset, but she is calm in her well-kept house.

Nuria also said that Yadira does not need money as she has it. Moreover, Morel has not appeared on television since 2020.

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