David Miranda gay

Is David Miranda Gay? People want to know about David Miranda family and sexuality details after his death.

Brazilian politician and Journalist David Michael dos Santos Miranda was born in Petrópolis, Rio de Janeiro, on September 12, 1980.

From 2019 until his passing on May 9, 2023, he was a federal representative for Rio de Janeiro and a member of the Socialism and Liberty Party (PSOL).

Brazilian politicians, celebrities, and social activists have expressed sorrow and affection for Miranda after his loss.

Miranda, a politician from a favela who served in Congress from 2019 to 2022, received acclaim for his “extraordinary trajectory” from President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva.

David, a former legislator and activist, was a vocal opponent of Jair Bolsonaro’s far-right government. Is David Miranda Gay? Let’s find out.

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Is David Miranda Gay? Married To His Husband Glenn Greenwald

David Miranda Gay rumors are true. In February 2005, while playing volleyball on Ipanema Beach, he accidentally knocked Glenn Greenwald’s drink over. Within a week, the pair moved in together.

Greenwald urged Miranda to return to school soon after they first met, and he graduated from Escola Superior de Propaganda e Marketing (ESPM) in 2014.

Greenwald and Miranda were married, and both identified as gay. The couple adopted two sibling children in 2017.

David Miranda gay
Yes, David Miranda gay rumors are true. (Source: Glenn Greenwald)

An American lawyer, author, and Journalist named Glenn Edward Greenwald. Greenwald established a legal Company that specialized in First Amendment disputes in 1996.

In October 2005, as his concerns over what he perceived as an encroachment on civil liberties by the George W. Bush Administration in the wake of the September 11 attacks grew, he started blogging about national security problems.

He started speaking out against the Iraq War and has continued to be critical of American foreign policy.

Family Tree Of David Miranda

Rio de Janeiro’s Jacarezinho is where Miranda was raised. When he was five, his mother passed away, and he moved in with an aunt.

When he was 13, he fled home, dropped out of school, and spent six years working in menial jobs.

For the first few years of his career, David Miranda was a writer, serving as an editor and columnist for the O Globo newspaper in Brazil.

In 2013, Miranda attracted widespread attention when he started dating American Journalist Glenn Greenwald.

Based on the revelations by Edward Snowden, David’s husband, Greenwald, broke the news regarding the National Security Agency’s monitoring program.

As a member of the PSOL, Miranda stood for office in the Rio de Janeiro City Council in 2016 and won with more than 50,000 votes.

David Miranda gay
David is married to Glenn Greenwald. (Source: Fox News)

He worked on problems about Police violence, LGBTQ+ rights, and minority rights while serving as the City Council’s Human Rights Commission president.

While serving in Congress, he prioritized journalistic freedom, privacy, and digital rights. Miranda sought election as a federal deputy to the Brazilian Congress in 2018.

He received over 146,000 votes, making him one of Rio de Janeiro’s most popular candidates.

Brazilian officials and allies of President Jair Bolsonaro targeted Miranda for criticizing the government, which he made loudly.

Due to his work as a Journalist and politician, the Brazilian politician faced intimidation and death threats.

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