Young Lo

Young Lo hair transformation has been the current hot topic on the internet following the rapper’s death. Find out more about the late rapper in this article.

Lowell Grissom, aka Young Lo, was a famous rapper from the United States of America who had worked with many big names in the hip-hop scene. The prominent rapper had collaborated with artists such as Drake, Chris Brown, and Lil Wayne.

The Memphis native became a key player in the music industry over the years. Together with Chris Brown, he worked on a project named Everybody. Likewise, Young Lo served as an A&R for Hitmaka’s MakaSound label.

Furthermore, Lowell was close to everyone, and many people loved his works. Recently, the tragic news of Lowell’s death was announced, leaving everyone shattered.

Young Lo Hair Transformation Explored

Young Lo was a prominent rapper who was famous for working with many renowned figures. Apart from that, his hair also gained much attention from people.

So, his fans and followers are eager to know about his hairstyle, which he also used to showcase via his Instagram page. Mostly, Young Lo used to braid his hair and keep his sidelines clean.

Young Lo Hair
Young Lo uploaded a photo of his hairstyle on Instagram. (Source: Instagram)

He had amazing black hair, and sometimes, he used to color them too. In recent years, he was not much fond of coloring his hair, but in the past, he mainly used to color his hair.

On July 10, 2022, Young Lo posted a video on his Instagram account showing his freshly made hair that was done by multiple people. The following day, he uploaded a photo of his hairstyle, writing, “I’m On #DemonTime Till Future Notice.”

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Young Lo Style Over Time Tattoo and Teeth

Just like Young Lo’s hair, fans and well-wishers had asked multiple questions about the rapper’s tattoo and teeth. Being a rapper, he was also fond of tattoos and had inked some fantastic art on his body.

Young Lo had inked some art in his neck. Likewise, the rapper had tattoos on his hands, but their meanings aren’t available online as he never talked about it openly.

Young Lo Tattoo
Young Lo had some amazing tattoos on his body. (Source: Instagram)

However, Young Lo used to share some images of his tattoos on his Instagram account. Likewise, Young Lo had a tattoo of the word “LEGEND” inked on his chest. 

Apart from that, fans also wonder about his teeth. There is no news of his teeth, and it can be said that his teeth were fine. 

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How Did Young Lo Die? Cause of Death

Yong Lo died on early May 8, 2023, following a shooting at a Miami Beach nightclub on May 7. In the shooting, two people were injured, and one was dead.

Later, the dead man was identified as the rapper Young Lo. Following the incident, Young Lo was rushed to the hospital, and later, it was revealed that he was not saved.

Young Lo died
Rapper Young Lo died after a shooting at a Miami Beach nightclub on May 7, and tributes are pouring. (Source: Twitter)

When the news of Lo’s death was shared, many people from the hip-hop industry also paid tribute to the late rapper. No arrests have been made at the time of this article, but the Police department is working actively regarding this case. 

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