Maddie and Elijah

Did Maddie cheat on Elijah? Maddie and Elijah are Youtube sensations and are loved and followed by millions of people.

Last year, in November, they made their breakup official through an Instagram post with a caption- “we broke up.”

However, it was already known in October that the loving couple decided to quit after being in a relationship for five years.

Their fans were heartbroken and hoped the duo would reconcile in the future. Please keep reading to learn what was the reason for their break up.

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Did Maddie Cheat On Elijah? What Was The Reason For Their Break Up?

No, Maddie did not cheat on Elijah. Their breakup was mutual. They shared the reason on the Instagram post they posted on November 20, 2022. 

Both partners agreed that they should end the relationship as they have grown apart and no longer have the same goals or desires in life.

Despite the breakup, the pair undeniably love each other and have respect for each other. It is just that they decided to pursue separate paths for the time being.

Last year, in November, Maddie and Elijah made their breakup official
Last year, in November, Maddie and Elijah made their breakup official (Source: OtakuKart)

The duo is well known for their amusing YouTube videos, which typically feature stories from their daily lives and practical jokes.

Following their incredible love tale, the pair embarked on a long, ups-and-downs-filled journey of love. Among them, everything got off to a rather pleasant start.

But over time, things evolved. In the beginning, despite obstacles, they did not give up and consistently succeeded in their careers by giving it their all.

Nevertheless, the time came when they could not continue their relationship anymore.

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Relationship Timeline Of Youtube Sensations Maddie And Elijah

Tracing back to their love story, the teen pair met online and previously dealt with long distance, eventually featuring their love life on a Youtube channel.

Maddie started following Elijah on Twitter, where they had their first connection. The couple initially met in person in April 2016.

Following this, the two got off to a pretty good start and began dating. Elijah was Maddie’s first boyfriend; before him, she had never dated anyone.

Maddie and Elijah met in person in April 2016
Maddie and Elijah met in person in April 2016 (Source: Distractify)

Both have a fantastic fan base and are rather active online. Fans love their adorable photos and enjoy watching them for the steamy chemistry that can be seen in their videos.

Over 1.9 million people subscribed to their channel as they felt a connection with this couple and confessed that Maddie and Elijah were part of their growth.

People were heartbroken to learn about their breakup, and everyone was deeply interested in discovering what went wrong.

The couple discussed their love or relationship issues in most of their videos. With their videos, they do a great job of pranking their fans.

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More On Maddie Joy And Elijah Wireman

Maddie Joy is the girl from the famous Youtube channel Maddie and Elijah. She runs the channel with her ex-boyfriend, Elijah Wireman.

The pair is famous and loved for making videos regarding challenges, pranks, tags, and vlogs. 

Over 1.9 million people subscribed to the Youtube channel of Maddie and Elijah
Over 1.9 million people subscribed to the Youtube channel of Maddie and Elijah (Source: HITC)

Their “HOW TO KISS! *TUTORIAL*” video has amassed over 31 million views since December 2017. 

Before starting her YouTube channel with Elijah, Maddie played volleyball for various teams and organizations.

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