Yskaela Chaknu is a social media influencer

Yskaela Chaknu scandal and controversy: Yskaela is a Filipino social media influencer whose photos and videos are leaked online. 

The famous TikTok star Yaena Yskaela Fujimoto, also known as Yskaela, is in the media limelight after her private photos and videos were leaked. Besides, Yskaela quickly became famous and gained many followers on her social media accounts.

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Yskaela is a beautiful young social media star whom millions have followed on her Ig handle. Similalry, she has amassed more than 732K subscribers on her YouTube channel. 

Furthermore, Fujimoto shares her daily routine and vlogs via her Ig handle and YouTube channel, where millions of people view her. 

Apart from her bold and beautiful pictures, Fujimoto has several time becomes the media headlines after the news about her viral photos and videos went viral. 

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Yskaela Chaknu Scandal And Controversy

The famous TikTok star, Yskaela, has once again become the most searched topic online as her private photo and video were reported to be leaked. 

Consequently, people search for the phrase “Yskaela Fujimoto Issue photo link.” Besides that, Fujimoto is also facing massive criticism after the news was circulated all over the media sources. 

Yskaela Chaknu Scandal And Controversy
Yskaela Chaknu answered the viral photo that was allegedly edited via TikTok live (Source: TikTok)

Likewise, hundreds of people seem to be interested in the leaked photos and videos. There can be numerous videos created on TikTok accounts and YouTube channels regarding the issue. 

However, this might be the only tactic online content creators use to gain public attention and views. Once, the social media influencer said she was not in the image and claimed the pictures were edited. 

The issue was created after her birthday last year when a source claimed that Fujimoto stood without any clothes in those photos. Although, she completely denied the fact. 

Yskaela Chaknu Leaked Video And Photo

There can be found numerous content regarding the topic on the internet. Many social media users have shared fake links on Twitter to attract people, and multiple contents have been shared with fake thumbnails. 

Well, it can’t be believed that Yskaela was the one in all those videos and photos that went viral after she denied it and claimed those photos were edited.

However, people on the internet are still searching for it, and the public figure, Yskaela, has made Tiktok videos regarding the matter, clearing her side of the story. 

Yskaela Chaknu Leaked Video And Photo
Yskaela Chaknu stood by her side and explained her side of the story regarding her viral photo and video. (Source: Instagram)

Conversely, her loved ones support her and ask people not to circulate those pictures and videos. Likewise, she has also come live and answered the viral photo that was allegedly edited.

So, it won’t be fruitful to talk about their private life and circulate fake news above someone’s consent as it may affect their professional and personal careers. 

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Short Bio On Social Media Influencer, Yskaela 

Yskaela is a famous Tiktok star and a social media influencer from the Philippines. The young and beautiful Yskaela often managed to get into the media limelight for controversial topics.

Apart from all that, she was once the center of attraction after her breakup with Chaknu. Yskaela is also a YouTuber with thousands of subscribers. 

Yskaela bio
Yskaela Fujimoto enjoys sharing pictures on her Instagram handle (Source: Instagram)

Talking about her private details, Yskaela was born on 14 August 2000 in the Philippines, where she spent her young age and also began her professional career. 

She is of mixed ethnical background as her mother is Filipino, and her Father is Japanese. The social media star also promotes several brands on her Ig handle. 

For more updates, Yskaela can be followed on Instagram under the username @yskaela, where she has earned more than 1 million followers. 

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