Yusef Salaam Wife

Who is Yusef Salaam wife? Yusef is a well-known New York-born American businessman, activist, motivational speaker, and author.

Dr. Yusef Salaam, a member of the Exonerated Five, is a recognized thought leader, motivational and transformational speaker, trainer, coach, and author with a New York Times Best Selling book. Yusef Speaks about a business that he owns. He backs American black people’s legal rights.

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Due to his wrongful conviction for a crime he didn’t commit, Salaam gained notoriety. Eventually, the Netflix series “When They See Us,” based on his life, was released.

By God Ministries Alliance & Seminary in 2014, Salaam was also given the Doctor of Humanities degree. In 2016, he was also given a Lifetime Achievement Award by former US President Barack Obama.

Among his best-selling works as a writer are “Better Not Bitter,” “Punching The Air,” and other titles. Also, Yusef maintains a personal website where he posts his blog and details about his planned activities.

Dr. Salaam is a recognized authority on motivation and change and a speaker, trainer, author, and coach. When it feels like everything, and everyone is against you, Dr. Salaam helps you overcome barriers and discover your value.

Yusef has developed over the past 20 years into a family guy, parent, poet, activist, and motivational speaker. He keeps using his position to inform people about the effects of mass imprisonment and police violence that are ingrained in our judicial system.

Who Is Yusef Salaam Wife Sanovia Guillory? Meet His 10 Children

Yusef Salaam and Sanovia Guillory had a happy marriage. Furthermore, the husband and wife have been married for 16 years, and it appears as if there have never been any problems in their union.

In the middle of 2007, Yusef was married in front of his close friends and family. The three kids from Yusef’s first marriage are three of the 10 kids the couple has.

Sanovia isn’t his only spouse; he was also wed once before, in 1997. A total of three children were born to Salaam and his ex-wife. Also, the marriage was short-lived due to ongoing arguments and marital problems.

Yusef Salaam Wife
Yusef Salaam’s ten kids (Source: mariedwiki)

Yusef Salaam’s wife, Sanovia, gave birth to seven kids. She resides in New York City with her husband and their ten children.

Dr. Yusef was born on February 27, 1974, in New York, in the United States. Yusef Abdus Salaam is his true birth name. Yusef was born into an African-American household. Yusef is a Muslim from a religious standpoint. 

Going on to his educational history, Yusef Salaam finished high school at a nearby private school in his hometown. Moreover, he received a jail term at a very young age. In 1989, he was charged with raping and killing Trisha Ellen Meili in Central Park.

Yusef Salaam’s wife has been at his side through every difficult time in his life. She is very kind and helps Yusef to develop mental fortitude.

Yusef Salam Case Update

Since he was just 15 years old, Yusef had to go through a difficult time in his life. Yusef and four other teens were found guilty of raping and assaulting Trisha Meili, age 28, in 1989.

15-year-old Yusef and Antron McCray, 14-year-old Raymond Santana and Kevin Richardson, and 16-year-old Korey Wise were the five minor defendants at the time.

Salaam spent seven years in prison before being freed, and even then, he did so as a parolee rather than as someone innocent.

Yusef Salaam Wife
Dr. Yusef Salaam is a motivational speaker. (Source: yahoomoney)

The Central Park Five did not become the Exonerated Five until their convictions were reversed in 2002 after Korey Wise met the real rapist in jail and convinced him to come forward.

Better, Not Bitter covers the case and Salaam’s time in jail, but Salaam claims that the story he wants to tell most is about the foundation his family and faith laid, which made it possible for him to not only endure this terrible injustice but also grow in the midst of it.

Another continuous source of power was Salaam’s religion. He notices evidence of supernatural involvement as soon as he is taken captive.

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