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Netizens are eager to know about Yves Lecoq Epouse, meaning wife, in English. Was the humorist married? Here is more on that question below.

French comic Yves Lecoq, whose real name is Yves Louis Georges Lecoquierre, is well known for his voice impersonations.

The performer has provided the voice for approximately 200 additional public people and the puppet of the show’s presenter Patrick Poivre d’Arvor on the Canal+ program Les Guignols de l’info from September 1988 to June 2018.

Lecoq’s public reputation was greatly influenced by his imitation of former French President Jacques Chirac, one of the show’s most well-liked parodies.

Yves participated in the French version of the renowned Masked Singer TV program in 2019 as the character Dino.

The humorist hosted several television shows in the 1980s, including Tout le monde il est gentil, L’académie des neufs, and Suivez Lecoq.

Yves also presented the Miss France pageant on FR3, completed in 1990 and 1991.

Yves Lecoq Epouse: Who Is French Humorist Married To?

Yves Lecoq epouse has always piqued his admirers’ attention, as the humorist has not revealed many details about his private life.

In recent months, Yves Lecoq’s infamous “ring affair” engagement has been the subject of more detailed speculation in the media.

Many questions whether the pair can bypass the “engagement” phase and get married immediately.

According to rumors, Yves Lecoq epouse and the humorist tied the knot in an intimate and lovely wedding.

Both allegedly said “yes” in a modest, secret ceremony among their close friend’s group of carefully chosen guests who had gathered by the window.

Yves Lecoq epouse
Yves Lecoq (Source: FranceBleu)

No one in the comedian’s inner circle has commented on the news, and the People and Life reporter who first reported the tale acknowledges she cannot get any formal proof.

Hence, people are having difficulty believing the rumor about the performer’s marriage and are still searching for Yves Lecoq epouse if she exists.

Netizens have frequently raised the question, Was the enigmatic wedding real? Does Yves Lecoq have a wife? To find any truth regarding Yves Lecoq epouse reality.

On December 10, Serious Come-On magazine stated that a fan had seen the comedian out and about, carrying a parcel that was subsequently picked up from the post office across the street.

According to the witness, Yves Lecoq was wearing a giant sweater and looked incredibly cute, as the fan had earlier stated, confirming that Lecoq was alone.

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Yves Lecoq Family Tree

Yves Lecoq was born into a wealthy French-speaking family in Paris’ 15th arrondissement.

He was born to a former Ile-de-France bourgeois family, the Dubois (olim Duboys) of La Vigerie, whose family name he added to his surname out of habit, and a naval officer father who passed away when he was 13.

The host shares a two-room attic with his four siblings and lives close to his grandmother, Georgette (wife of Duboys de La Vigerie), an antique trader and native of Belgium.

The humorist had an early interest in comedy. He pursued theater rather than following in his parent’s footsteps and becoming a lawyer or journalist.

Lecoq participated in his first theatrical performance in 1965 while still a student at the Lycée Georges Clémenceau in Nantes.

Yves Lecoq
Yves Lecoq pictured while performing in the event. (Source: Paris match)

He had an early interest in humor and turned to theater and comedy instead of his parents’ preferred careers as lawyers or journalist.

Yves Lecoq’s career was launched when, at 17, he took part in a Radio Luxembourg radio hook at his sister’s home in Nantes and was chastised for using other people’s voices.

After finishing his education, he spent five years working as an antique dealer, managing his grandmother Georgette’s antique store on rue Bonaparte and following his love of singing imitation.

In 2008, he purchased the Château de Chambes in Charente, the place of origin of his maternal ancestors, the Dubois de La Vigerie.

Similarly, in December 2011, Lecoq purchased the Château de Chalais, the former home of the Talleyrand-Périgord family.

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