Gordon McQueen wife

Yvonne McQueen is Gordon McQueen wife and people are interested to learn about his wife and family after learning about his death.

Gordon McQueen was a former professional footballer from Scotland who played as a central defender.

The Scottish footballer had a successful career playing for various clubs and representing his national team.

McQueen began his professional career with St. Mirren in 1968 before moving to Leeds United in 1972.

He played a significant role in Leeds’ success during the 1970s, with his strength, aerial ability

Known for his strength, aerial ability, and excellent reading of the game, McQueen became a key figure in Leeds’ defense.

During his time at the club, he played alongside notable players like Billy Bremner, Norman Hunter, and Allan Clarke.

Gordon met his demise at the age of 70, battling dementia. Here in this article, we will talk about his nurturing wife and other family details.

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Who Is Yvonne McQueen, Gordon McQueen Wife?

Yvonne McQueen is the supportive wife of Gordon McQueen who was on his side while he sadly left the world.

While Gordon McQueen was a noted athlete and famous, his wife preferred to maintain a low profile and avoid public attention.

After Gordon’s coaching stint with Middlesbrough, the couple resided in Hutton Rudby, North Yorkshire.

Even though the exact date of their wedding remains unknown to the public, the couple had been married for a long time

Gordon McQueen wife
Yvonne was the supportive wife of Gordon McQueen, who stood by him during his battle with vascular dementia (Source: The Sun)

Together they had three children; two daughters named Hayley and Anna, and a son named Eddie. Hayley, their first daughter, was born in 1979.

Furthermore, Gordon and Yvonne also enjoyed being grandparents to three grandchildren named Rudi, Etta, and Ayla.

Following Gordon’s passing, his family released a statement, emphasizing the numerous football memories he created along with his legacy.

Yvonne and the children recalled how their home was always filled with friends, family, and football, even during his illness’s last few challenging months.

Gordon McQueen Wife Yvonne McQueen Wikipedia And Age

As mentioned above, the wife of Gordon McQueen, Yvonne did not prefer to be in the limelight, therefore, there is not much information about her.

She does not have a wikipedia page. Similarly, her date of birth is also not available to the media.

However, Gordon has a Wikipedia page, and many web media and newspapers always covered him throughout his career.

Born on June 26, 1952, the Scottish footballer died at the age of 70. Gordon and Yvonne’s first daughter, Hayley, currently works as a presenter for Sky Sports.

Gordon McQueen wife
Gordon and Yvonne’s first daughter Hayley expressed her grief after she lost her father (Source: Careers in Sport)

After Gordon’s passing, Hayley released an emotional statement, revealing that her father had been bedridden since his death.

Despite his tragic condition, Hayley stated that Gordon still recognized former teammates who visited him.

Making it to her Instagram post, she expressed profound sadness and admitted feeling unprepared for the day of her father’s passing.

Hayley hoped he would find peace after bravely fighting the cruel battle against dementia.

Hayley also expressed gratitude to Sky Sports for their incredible support during this difficult time.

Regarded as one of Scotland’s finest defenders of his era, Gordon McQueen will forever be remembered for his commanding presence on the field.

McQueen’s contributions to different clubs and the Scottish national team have solidified his position as a respected football figure.

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