Zaho De Sagazan Parents

Zaho De Sagazan parents’ topic has been one of the discussed topics on the Internet. Find out more about his father, Olivier de Sagazan, via this article.

Zaho de Sagazan is a French singer-songwriter, pianist, and performer born on December 28, 1999, in Saint-Nazaire, France. Zaho has three older sisters and a twin. She studied management before working in a nursing home.

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Zaho gained notoriety with the release of singles and performances on stage, which led to her residency at the Trans Musicales de Rennes in 2022.

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She recently released her debut album, La Symphonie des éclairs, containing thirteen tracks, on March 31, 2023, at Virgin Records.

She is scheduled to open for Stromae in Paris La Défense Arena in June 2023 and perform at the Olympia in November 2023.

Zaho De Sagazan Parents: Father Olivier de Sagazan And Mother

De Sagazan’s father is Olivier de Sagazan, a French painter, sculptor, and performer known for his “Transfiguration” series of performance art, in which he transforms his face and body with clay and other materials.

Zaho’s mother is a teacher, but her name and occupation are not publicly known.

Olivier de Sagazan is also a painter and sculptor. His works have been exhibited in galleries & museums worldwide, including the Palais de Tokyo in Paris, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Montreal, and the Victoria & Albert Museum in London.

Picture of Zaho De Sagazan Father Olivier de Sagazan.
Picture of Zaho De Sagazan Father Olivier de Sagazan. (Image Source: TNG Lyon)

Zaho mentioned that her father’s work had influenced her. However, Zaho has also been gaining recognition in her own right for her talents as a singer-songwriter, pianist, and performer.

While it may be the case that some people associate Zaho with her father due to his prominence in the art world, it is essential to recognize Zaho’s accomplishments and talents.

Zaho is a rising star; she is known for her music and has never disappointed her fans through her music.

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Zaho De Sagazan Relationship Status

The singer is private about her personal life and only shares specific information about herself on social media and in public.

Zaho’s relationship status is publicly unavailable whether she is currently single, married, or dating someone. She has also not shared any questionable pictures on social media to confirm her relationship.

She might have been in a relationship before, but no source has confirmed it in public.

Most people like to keep their personal information a secret, so the singer has also kept her relationship information away from the eyes of the media and her fans.

Zaho appears to be very passionate about her music career. She frequently shares pictures and videos of her performances, recording sessions, and other music-related projects on her Instagram account, which has over 30K followers as of April 2023.

Zaho De Sagazan's debut album, with just three tracks, is a powerful and electrifying symphony that captivates listeners.
Zaho De Sagazan’s debut album, with just three tracks, is a powerful and electrifying symphony that captivates listeners. (Image Source: Poly Magazine)

These posts demonstrate her dedication and enthusiasm for her craft and suggest she is focused on building a successful career as a musician and performer.

She gains more popularity and recognition in the music industry, and she may also receive offers for endorsements or brand partnerships, which could provide additional sources of income.

Zaho is earning significant income and popularity from her music, and she has always been apricated for her projects and music.

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