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Zakir Naik wife, Farhat Naik, is an active advocate of women’s empowerment from an Islamic perspective. Keep reading to learn more about Zakir’s married life.

Zakir Naik is an Indian Islamic televangelist and public orator focusing mainly on comparative religion. Naik is also the founder and president of the Islamic Research Foundation and the Peace TV Network. 

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In 2016, Naik was a hot topic as Indian authorities charged him with money laundering abroad in Malaysia. Due to that, he didn’t return to India and became a permanent resident of Malaysia.

News18 recently reported that Naik is likely to be deported from Oman. The Indian intelligence agencies are cooperating with the Oman authorities to arrest the IRF founder during his visit to Oman on March 23, 2023.

Who Is Zakir Naik Wife Farhat Naik? A Look at Their Married Life

Farhat Naik is the wife of Zakir Naik. It is unknown when they tied the knot as both of them have preferred to keep their married life confidential.

However, we can be clear that the Naik couple is still together, and there is no news of them being separated.

zakir naik wife
Zakir Naik and his wife, Farhat Naik, were at their home in Malaysia. ( Source: The Week )

Not to mention, Farhat is an acclaimed Da’ee and propagator of Islaam amongst women. She serves as the president of the women’s section of IRF.

She promotes women’s empowerment and has delivered numerous public talks in English and Urdu exclusively for women. Regarding her education, Farhat has a Master’s degree in Commerce from the University of Poona, India.

Also, Zakir’s wife is a former lecturer at Poona College and the former Principal of the Islamic International School Mumbai. 

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Zakir Naik and Wife Farhat Naik Family Life: Parents of Three Children

Zakir Naik and his wife, Farhat Naik, have already started their family, and they are blessed with three kids named Fariq Naik, Zikra Naik, and Rushdaa Naik.

In 2019, Farhat talked with The Week, where she talked about her relationship with her husband. She also revealed that her kids are strong.

zakir naik child
Zakir Naik’s son talks in the show named Wonder Kids. ( Source: YouTube )

Also, she said that her children are studying in Riyadh. Her daughters study at Princess Nourah Bint Abdul Rahman University, while her son is at Imam University in Riyadh.

In the same interview, Farhat also said she lost her Father when she was eight. So, when she married Zakir, he was a Father figure for her, and Farhat never missed her Father due to her husband’s presence.

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How Much Was Zakir Naik Net Worth Before Arrest?

According to many online sources, including Wealthy Genuis, Zakir Naik has an estimated net worth of around $5 million. He has made a considerable amount of money from his multiple works.

He founded Peace TV, which reportedly reached over 100 million viewers. In addition to that, Zakir is the founder of the United Islamic Aid and the Islamic International School in Mumbai.

zakir naik arrest
Right-wing activists were captured when they demanded Zakir Naik’s arrest in 2016. ( Source: YouTube

From that, it can be said that Zaik has taken home a fair profit. Naik is now in the process of getting deported as Indian intelligence agencies are already in contact with Oman officials to arrest Naik on his March 23 visit.

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