Zanab Jaffrey

Zanab Jaffrey is an American-British person who gained fame after her appearance in the Netflix series ” Love Is Blind.”

Love Is Blind is a popular Netflix series that allows men and women to go on blind dates and try to find their loved ones.

As she has only gained fame in the current time through the upcoming series, we have only a little information on Zanab Jaffrey’s life.

Who Is Zanab Jaffrey From Love Is Blind? Wikipedia

Zanab Jaffrey is an ordinary person who gained popularity through the Netflix series that will premiere on October 19, 2022.

Zanab was born on March 31, 1990, in Irvine, Scotland, and according to her birth date, she is Aries.

zanab jaffrey
Zanab Jaffrey from the upcoming Netflix series “Love Is Blind.”
Source: decider

Jaffrey started working in June 2006, when she took up the Magnolia Home Theater Admin position at Best Buy in Hurst, Texas, and continued working there until February 2010.

As she just rose to fame just after the announcement of the cast member, so she has no Wikipedia, and many people are still unknown about her.

She believes in a healthy life and a fitness body, so she always maintained her body and was a healthy person.

According to thetimes, when she was in her fifth grade, she and her family moved to the U.S. and grew up in the American city of Dallas-Forth Worth Area.

In 2008, the television star joined Tarrant Country College and got her degree from Associate of Arts diploma in General analysis in 2011.

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From 2012 to 2014, Jaffrey studied at the University of Texas at Arlington and acquired her Bachelor of Arts diploma with an emphasis on Public Relations Management.

Zanab Jaffrey Age And Family

Zanab Jaffrey is an American-British television personality who received fans and following after being a member of Love Is Blind in 3rd season.

Born on March 31, 1990, in Irvine, Scotland, and raised in Dallas with a mixed ethnicity is now 33 years old.

Love Is Blind cast has volunteered at Three Square Food Bank since June 2014 and helped with Bagged Groceries.

Zanab is blessed with a sister who is eight years older than her and now lives in England.

Zanab Jaffrey, in her recent Instagram Post
Source: Instagram

The reality star’s parents divorced when she was 13, and she misplaced her Father after a waterskiing journey in Lake Worth.

According to nggossips, her Father went back on the boat and complained about his back pain, and through the help of a medical team, they treated and took him to the hospital, and at that point, he passed away.

After the star’s Father’s death, her custody was transferred to her stepmother, whom she loves now. Zanab has a stepbrother named Ryan, and at the age of 18, she lost her mother due to a brain tumor.

The brain tumor was not cancerous but kept growing, and the tumors did not respond to chemotherapy, lead her demise.

Zanab Jaffrey Net Worth

The Love Is Blind contestant Zanab Jaffrey works as a Magnolia Home Theater Admin position at Best Buy in HurstNo sources have covered her net worth, so we do not have relevant information about her earnings.

Love Is Blind worth might be between $100K to $1 million if we assume she receives her income through her job as a realtor.

Zanab Jaffrey
Zanab Jaffrey, with the other cast member of Love, Is Blind
Source: wgrz

In June 2014, Zanab became a Brand Marketing Intern at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas and stayed in the organization for three months.

She also worked as a Business Media Sales Specialist at MultiView from 2015-2016.

Since April 2016, Jaffery has taken up the role of Flight Attendant for American Airlines and is still employed with the Company as of writing.

As she has never personally talked about her net worth, the given data is just assumed. But she may have earned more than the estimated one working as a Flight Attendant.

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As she has just risen to fame, she may earn more in the future and will keep you updated about her life and will update you guys too.

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