Zara Aleena Death

Zara Aleena’s death occurred after the murderer kicked and stamped on her.

A report has revealed that mistakes by probation staff allowed a man with a violent past to murder and sexually assault a law graduate.

Nine days after his release from prison on a license in June 2022, 29-year-old Jordan McSweeney attacked Zara Aleena.

Chief Inspector of Probation Justin Russell found that staff members working under intense pressure had incorrectly classified him as a medium risk. The government stated that “immediate steps” are being taken to address the problems.

Due to the “quality” of the work being done by some components of the probation service, Mr. Russell also told the BBC that it was impossible to determine whether the general public was safe.

Zara Aleena Death Case: What Happened To Her

A sexual predator killed Zara Aleena while she was returning home from a night out. He was only recently declared a danger to any woman upon his release from prison.

Within the Metropolitan Police, clips of the incident were being passed around. One officer recognized Jordan McSweeney from a prior encounter and came forward to identify him.

Zara Aleena.
Zara Aleena’s last known movements. (Source:

McSweeney was close to where he attacked Ms. Aleena while working at a fairground in Valentine’s Park, and video of the attack shows him scaling a fence to enter the park.

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More CCTV footage captures McSweeney strolling through the busy fairground area carrying a plastic bag hours after attacking Ms. Aleena. It contained the bloodied clothes and shoes he wore when attacked, which were discovered in the fairground ticket office.

Who Killed Zara Aleena?

After confessing to killing aspiring lawyer Zara Aleena as she walked home from an east London bar, Jordan McSweeney was given a life sentence. The prolific criminal followed other lone women in the disturbing CCTV footage found that night before picking out and killing a stranger.

Zara Aleena Killer
Jordan McSweeney was working at a funfair near to where he beat Zara Aleena to death. (Source:

On June 26, shortly after 2:30 am, Ms. Aleena was discovered on a pavement near her Ilford home. Her possessions were all over Cranbrook Road. She was struggling to breathe, partially naked, and severely beaten.

Until paramedics arrived, a different woman performed cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) on the 35-year-old. Later that morning, Ms. Aleena passed away in a hospital.

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Detectives started thorough investigations in the area where she was found right away. To track the whereabouts of her attacker, officers gathered CCTV footage.

Where Is Zara Aleena Killer Jordan McSweeney Now?

Zara Aleena was murdered by Jordan McSweeney, who was given a life sentence at the Old Bailey. McSweeney received a minimum sentence of 38 years from a judge who described him as violent and combative.

After being detained and subjected to a protracted Police interview, McSweeney sat motionless, refusing to give his name or any information regarding his residence. However, as more CCTV footage came to light, Police were able to determine the circumstances surrounding the death of Ms. Aleena.

Just nine days prior, McSweeney had been released on a license after serving a prison term for racial harassment, criminal damage, and unauthorized knife possession.

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He had to keep his probationary appointments as one of the requirements. He needed to be recalled to jail after missing two. 

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