Zartoshte Bakhtiari Parents Origine

People are curious about the origin of Zartoshte Bakhtiari’s parents and their ethnic background.

Zartoshte Bakhtiari, a prominent figure in French politics, has gained attention and recognition as the Mayor of Neuilly-sur-Marne since June 2020. 

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Born on March 21, 1990, Bakhtiari is a dynamic and dedicated individual who has significantly impacted the local community. 

Despite his relatively young age, he managed to secure the position by a narrow margin, thanks to his commitment to revising major real estate operations that were met with resistance from developers. 

This article will delve into the background and achievements of Zartoshte Bakhtiari, shedding light on his upbringing, educational background, and professional career.

Zartoshte Bakhtiari Parents Origine: Where Are They From?

While specific details about Zartoshte Bakhtiari’s parents’ background are not provided in the given information, we can speculate based on his name. 

The name “Bakhtiari” suggests a connection to the Bakhtiari people, an Iranian ethnic group primarily residing in the southwestern region of Iran. 

The Bakhtiari people are known for their rich culture, strong tribal traditions, and historical significance in the country. However, without concrete information, we cannot definitively state his parents’ origin or confirm their affiliation with the Bakhtiari people.

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It would require further research or additional details to ascertain their specific background.

Zartoshte Bakhtiari Biography Details Explored

Zartoshte Bakhtiari’s biography is marked by an impressive educational background and a diverse professional career before entering the political arena. 

Zartoshte Bakhtiari’s journey from a successful labor lawyer to becoming the Mayor of Neuilly-sur-Marne showcases his remarkable dedication. (Source: YouTube)

He has excelled in various fields, including law and public service, which have undoubtedly contributed to his success as a mayor and advocate for urban renewal.

After completing his education at Paris Bar School (EFB), Zartoshte Bakhtiari embarked on a career in labor law. He initially practiced labor law at Capstan, a prestigious law firm in Paris, in 2012. 

His work in this field allowed him to develop expertise in employment-related matters, representing clients from various backgrounds, including large corporations, start-ups, SMEs, and individuals.

Bakhtiari’s dedication and proficiency in labor law led him to join Lewis Silkin, a law firm based in London, where he continued to enhance his legal skills. During his time at Lewis Silkin, Bakhtiari gained exposure to international clients and expanded his professional network. 

He worked closely with major international groups, providing legal counsel on employment law matters and supporting their human resources departments. 

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This experience equipped him with a comprehensive understanding of the legal complexities faced by organizations operating globally.

Zartoshte Bakhtiari Political Career

Zartoshte Bakhtiari’s passion for public service and his inclination towards politics led him to actively engage in political activities alongside his legal career. 

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The mayor of Neuilly-sur-Marne testifies to his energy bill which could be multiplied by 32. (Source:

In 2015, he became a Conseiller départemental de Seine-Saint-Denis (Departmental Councilor of Seine-Saint-Denis), a position he held until June 2021. 

His commitment to improving the lives of citizens and his focus on urban renewal led to his appointment as the Vice-president in charge of urban renewal within Grand Paris Grand Est. 

This position allowed him to have a broader impact on the region and spearhead urban development and revitalization initiatives. 

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His dedication to addressing the needs of his constituents and his willingness to challenge major real estate operations demonstrated his determination to prioritize the local community’s interests.

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