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Zen Gunawan face revealed what people are exactly looking for. Let’s look at his Wiki and age in the article below. 

The Indonesian Virtual Youtuber Zen Gunawan is currently a fan grabbing attention for his departure from Youtube. He is famous for his content, and people used to enjoy his streaming. 

Further, Zen’s youtube channel is available as Zen Gunawan MAHA5 and has earned more than 219K subscribers. However, the channel now consists of no videos, and fans are surprised about his unexpected departure from the channel. 

More to this, Gunawan is also active on Instagram under the username @zengunawan, where he has grabbed around 50k followers. 

Apart from his online career, Gunawan’s fans are also curious about his appearance as he has never shown his real face to the public. 

Zen Gunawan Face Reveal: What Does He Look Like?

Along with Zen Gunawan’s amazing content and online career, he has been making headlines for his look and appearance. 

His facial reveal has raised Many questions about his look, and his subscribers are captivated. Also, people have often asked him to do a face reveal video. 

Gunawan has never shown his face; he joined youtube on 30 Jul 2020, and so far in his active years, Zen has never thought of revealing his face as he impressed his followers with his voice. 

Zen Gunawan Face Reveal
Zen Gunawan has not shown his real face yet. (Source: Instagram)

Therefore, nobody has any clue how he looks. Further, he can be found on various social media platforms, including Instagram, where he has made many posts. But none of them shows his face. 

Gunawan’s departure from Youtube streaming has saddened his fans, and many of them have wished him the best for the coming years.

On the other side, his fans have shared emotional posts about Gunawan leaving youtube after three years of his streaming career. 

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Have a look at Zen Gunawan Wikipedia Bio

Zen Gunawan is known for his streaming career, but apart from that, people have no clue about his personal life and bio, which fans have always been curious to know about. 

Gunawan is still to be featured on Wikipedia, but his bio is accessible on various online sources. Further, he is part of the second generation alongside Lumi Celestia and Nia Redalion.

He made his career debut in 2020 on July 30 and retired from youtube on 2023 June 30. Additionally, Zen is humorous, which makes his content amazing. 

Zen Gunawan Wikipedia
Zen Gunawan’s most recent post on his Instagram handle. (Source: Instagram)

He entertained his audience with humor and his hobbies. Zen’s personality is very cheerful and friendly.

Further, he is active on various social media handles like Twitter and Instagram, where he has an immense number of followers. 

Likewise, on 5 June, MAHA5 announced Zen’s graduation on 30 Jun. Zen could speak Japanese, although his vocabulary is limited to the vocabulary that often appears in anime.

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Zen Gunawan Age- How Old is He?

Zen Gunawan age is yet a mysterious topic on the internet. The complete details of his date of birth are not shared with the media sources.

Some of the social media sources have reported that he celebrates his birthday on 23 June.

Talking about his physical appearance, he is 195 cm tall and weighs 80 kg. Furthermore, Zen’s zodiac sign is Cancer. 

Zen Gunawan Age
Zen Gunawan is a popular YouTuber and streamer. (Source: YouTube)

Zen’s hobbies are singing and playing games, and he loves grinding in Minecraft off-stream. As per the sources, he hosts a weekly live-streaming show called “Panca Pagi News” (or “PP News” for short). 


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