Zia Mohiuddin Death

The death of Actor Zia Mohyeddin shocked Pakistanis, and online commenters dubbed it the end of an era.

The internationally renowned artist and President Emeritus of the National Academy of Performing Arts (Napa) were reportedly ill and receiving life support, according to his family. When he passed away, he was 91 years old.

In 2012, the legendary artist received the Hilal-e-Imtiaz, the second-highest civilian honor in the nation, in recognition of his contributions to the arts.

Activists Haider Mehdi, Nighat Dad, and Ali Abbas Zaidi discussed the “huge loss” Pakistan has endured since losing Mohyeddin.

Zia frequently appeared on radio and television, further solidifying his position as one of Pakistan’s most important cultural ambassadors.

Zia Mohiuddin Death And Obituary

Online commenters referred to Actor Zia Mohyeddin’s death as the end of an era after it shocked Pakistanis.

According to the family members, the funeral prayer for Zia Sahib will be recited today after the Zuhr prayer at Protection Fee 4 Imambargah Yathrab.

Zia Mohiuddin death
Salman Ahmad paid tribute to Zia Mohiuddin after learning about his death. (Source: Twitter)

At a reading from four years ago at the 2019 Karachi Literature Festival, Journalist Umer Bin Ajmal said he felt fortunate to have a live recording of the great Zia Mohyeddin.

According to Ambassador Salman Ahmad, the Great Legendary Zia Mohyeddin passed away at 6:15 am after a brief illness. He said this with great sadness and sorrow. He asked for everyone’s prayers to include him.

How Did Zia Mohiuddin Die?

Zia Mohyeddin had been ill for several days and received treatment in a Karachi hospital.

According to family members, Muhyiddin passed away this morning, Monday, February 13. He died from an internal arterial rupture during an operation at a private hospital.

No other information regarding his death has been released yet. 

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Umer Bin Ajmal, Beena Sarwar, and Azhar Abbas, all journalists, felt fortunate to have had the opportunity to interact with the great man during their lifetimes.

Zia Mohiuddin Career Achievements Explored

When Zia Mohiuddin was given a chance to perform in Lawrence of Arabia in 1962, he excelled in his iconic role. Zia also served as the host of the stage program “Zia Mohiuddin Show.”

Zia Mohiuddin..
Live video of 2019 Karachi Literature Festival. (Source: Twitter)

The government also gave Mohiuddin the Hilal Imtiaz in 2012 for his technical services. On June 20, 1931, Zia Mohiuddin was born in the British Indian city of Lyallpur (Faisalabad, which is now part of Pakistan).

Following his graduation from Government College Lahore in 1949, Zia pursued further education in Australia and England.

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In 1950, he enrolled in the Royal Academy of Theater and Arts and started singing and acting. In 1956, he returned to Pakistan, but shortly after, he returned to England on a scholarship to complete his director training.

Zia Mohiuddin Artistic Life

Zia Mohiuddin’s portrayal of Dr. Aziz in EM Foster’s well-known book, “A Passage to India,” in 1960 captured the audience’s attention.

He was given a chance to work on Lawrence of Arabia in 1962 and had a memorable part to play there.

Later, he appeared in several Hollywood movies and stage productions. Zia Mohiuddin visited Pakistan in 1970 and began hosting The Zia Mohiuddin Show for Pakistan Television.

He was named the National Academy of Performing Arts in Karachi’s director in 2004.

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Zia Mohiuddin is one of the few Pakistanis who has worked in the theater and film industries outside of Pakistan. He claimed that Napa had hosted an annual performance of one of the greatest plays ever written for the past few years. 

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