Zikel Bobmanuel

A man has been charged with the murder of 32 years old Zikel Bobmanuel, who was shot to death. The news has caught much attention. Who is Emannuel Onasanya? Check below.

Thirty-two years old man, Zikel Bobmanuel, was a family man, a father and a husband who was killed in Manchester on March 25. Currently, the incident is making headlines on the internet. 

As per the sources, he was found dead on the stress after being shot. Further, his dead body was found by the emergency services on Sandywell Street in Openshaw. 

Similalry, a man has been accused of murdering Bobmanuel, and now he has been charged with murder in connection with the incident. 

The teams have conducted further investigation, and only a few details have been published, so further details shall be updated soon. 

In July 2017, Zikel was involved in an incident in Manchester’s Northern Quarter, leaving a woman scarred for life with a broken jaw. Due to that, he was jailed for 22 months in September 2018.

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Who Was Zikel Bobmanuel?

Zikel Bobmanuel was a 32-year-old man from the United Kingdom who made headlines online after being shot to death in Manchester.

According to his Facebook bio, he was studying at The University of Manchester. Also, he was the brand owner of @vayvayfashion.

The family is mourning his death as he was shot and killed. Following his death news, people are paying tribute to him and giving a condolence message to the devasted family.

 Zikel Bobmanuel
Zikel Bobmanuel was sot to death. (Source: Manchester Evening News)

For us, he might be just 32 years old regular man, but, Zikel was also a father of two children. Exploring social media, we learned that he was dating a lady named Lindsay, with whom he had already started a family.

Lindsay has paid tribute to her beloved partner, writing, “Heartbroken doesn’t come into words my lova├ę dad regardless of the arguments you gave me a precious daughter, and I’ll forever love you for that rest easy zikel (´┐╝nuisance).”

It is reported that their youngest child was just born six weeks ago.

32-Years- Old Zikel Bobmanuel Shot To Death In Manchester

Manchester United resident Zikel Bobmanuel was shot to death. According to the Police report, Zikel was found dead by emergency services on Sandywell Street in Openshaw on Saturday, March 25, 2023. After that, Police believed he died after being shot.

The Police department has already released a statement. A Greater Manchester Police spokesperson said he was called to an incident on Welland Street, Openshaw, on Saturday at around 2 pm.

Zikel was pronounced dead at the scene by first responders, and at this stage, it is believed he died due to gunshot wounds.

This devasting news has been making headlines for quite a while now, and people are eager to know if the killer has been arrested.

Is Zikel Bobmanuel Killer Emannuel Onasanya Arrested?

Yes, Zike Bobmanuel’s murderer Emannuel Onasanya has already been arrested. Following the shooting, a murder probe was launched, and a man was arrested.

The arrested man was later identified as Emmanuel, born on October 28, 1990; Emmanuel is from John Beeley Avenue in Manchester.

Emannuel Onasanya
Capital Net Worth Weat BNews has tweeted about the Emannuel Onasanya incident. (Source: Twitter)

He made his first court appearance on March 28 and was represented by Oliver Gardner. Oliver offered no observations or representations.

So, concluding the hearing, judge Williams confirmed Onasanya would be remanded in custody tonight. So, the case is ongoing, and more details will be updated soon.

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