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People are curious to know more about Zión Moreno dating history as she is an openly transgender woman who has always advocated for LGBT rights.

Zión Moreno is a model and Actor from the United States. She is well recognized for her parts in the Netflix series Control Z, the 2021 HBO Max relaunch of Gossip Girl, and her involvement in Melanie Martinez’s film K-12.

Moreno traveled to New York City at 19 to seek a modeling career. Wilhelmina, Elite, and Slay management scouted her.

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She initially found modeling difficult, but she has grown to appreciate it more since shifting her focus to acting.

Is Zión Moreno A Trans Woman? Before And After

In the Gossip Girl reboot series, Zion Moreno is an openly transgender woman who has always advocated for LGBT rights.

She is a Mexican American Actor and model who plays Luna La on the teen Drama “Gossip Girl.”

Zión Moreno
Zión Moreno selfie (source: ghbase)

In an interview with Netflix, she discussed her identity and how she was bullied because of her unique personality and physical appearance.

Still, her parents and family supported her when she underwent a medical transition.

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She has not yet shared her before and after surgery photos, but she is more assured in her identity as a woman. 

No image or video represented her past when she claimed to have experienced difficulties because of her mismatched body, and she now appears as a woman, and that is who she is.

Zión Moreno Family Ethnicity: Was She Bullied In School?

She was born in EI Paso, Texas, to an unknown Father and Lucy Gonzalez. Agustin Moreno and Servio Tulio Moreno are her two known siblings.

Zion, according to studies, has a younger sibling with whom she enjoys spending time. Zion is of the White Multiracial Mexican race, according to reports.

She came out as a trans woman at school, and her classmates bullied her, making her school days terrible.

She excelled in school and was offered a scholarship to study journalism, but she declined and went to New York City to pursue a modeling career.

She discovered that modeling is quite competitive after going to New York.

She told Vanity Fair that it was difficult to find modeling jobs because casting agents were rude and made her feel like she wasn’t good enough.

Is Zión Moreno Dating Luka Booth?

According to rumors, Luka Booth and Zion are in a love connection. But no solid news was not given to the social media.

Zión Moreno
Zión Moreno with her co-star (source: Interviewmagazine)

Everyone knows they are close friends, but whether they are dating remains an open topic. Many Moreno fans want to know if Luka is her boyfriend, but the Actress refuses to say anything.

She has given hints over time, including an Instagram photo in which she refers to Booth as her family. If you want to stay updated on Moreno’s life, keep visiting our website.

How Much Is Zión Moreno’s Net Worth 2023?

The former boy has an estimated net worth of $1 million as of 2021. Her annual salary is also estimated to be between $45,000 and $52,000.

Her achievement was predetermined. She moved to Los Angeles at 19 to expand her professional options. She began her career as a model.

Her social media presence also provides her with revenue. Every paid Instagram post on her account @zion.moreno, which has 999K followers, earns her between $2,455.5 and $4,092.5.

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