Zion Williamson Tattoo and teeth

Many basketball fans and supporters of New Orleans are curious about Zion Williamson Tattoo. Let’s reveal whether Zion has inked his body and, if yes, find the meaning behind each tattoo. 

The New Orleans power forward rose to fame after his transfer to the team on 30 June 2019. 

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Williamson became one of the most expensive players following his extension agreement with the Orleans.

His five-year extension contract paid him a whopping $193 million. Also, Zion’s net worth can reach up to $231 million.  

Now switching back to his tattoo topic, yes, any artist’s tattoos could be more famous than the star himself. But this is not the case with Zion Williamson. 

The American professional basketball player is famous for his game stats and records. 

Zion was born in Salisbury, North Carolina, in 2000. The American basketball star plays for New Orleans. 

Moreover, Williamson’s Tattoos have been searched since he came into his basketball career. 

However, the power forward keeps his lips shut when revealing his tattoo hobby. Yet, we have cracked down on his tattoos, so stay with us to learn more about Williamson’s Tattoos.

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Zion Williamson Tattoo Meaning And Design

Young NBA star Zion Williamson still has nothing on his skin, meaning he has no tattoos. Yes, the New Orleans power forward might rock a cool tattoo on his body as many sports fans search for his tattoo.

Zion Williamson No Tattoo
New Orleans star Zion Williamson has no tattoos on his body. (Source: Sneaker Freaker)

Zion Williamson was born Zion Lateef Williamson on 6 July 2000, which makes him a Cancer.

Perhaps, the Orleans power forward could have no hobby to abstain from ink.

Despite Zion’s cool personality and style, some fans find it surprising that he has no ink on his body.

However, many basketball fans and tattoo lovers have inked Zion’s name on their bodies. The young NBA star has been the center of attention recently.

Looking at his fans’ portraits, their amazing tattoos catch most eyes. 

It looks like Williamson cares more about his game than having tattoos. Most professional players have cool tattoos, which makes them look more appealing. But, he has opted to keep away from tattoo skin. 

As all people go differently with their bodies, it becomes obvious that Zion wants to stand out uniquely in games. Besides, Williamson has more to focus on his NBA career and less to kingpin on his tattoo. 

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Does Zion Have A Fake Teeth?

New Orleans power forward Zion Williamson is widely famous for his basketball talent. But, the NBA star has earned the glare for his broad teeth, which grabs attention. 

Zion Williamson Tattoo
Zion Williamson looks happy to be in New Orleans. (Source: Marca)

No, Zion’s teeth are not fake and are one hundred percent real. 

Williamson has a large fortune to spend if he wants to enhance his facial appearance someday. But many of his fans love his natural look, which stands out uniquely. 

The handsome NBA star Zion Williamson’s net worth is $18 million. He amassed his immense wealth from his successful basketball career. 

Besides, the NBA star is less concerned about his teeth. He has cared less about the fake appearance and tried to keep it more natural.

Maybe, that’s how the young star feels more confident about himself. 

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