Alfa Barrie Missing

Alfa Barrie missing body has been discovered. Learn detailed information regarding the case of an 11-year-old missing boy via this article. 

The search for Alfa Barrie, 11, and Garrett Warren, 13, takes a tragic turn as authorities recover one of the teen’s bodies from the Harlem River, as stated by the New York Police Department.

Follow the article to learn detailed information about the incident that has taken gain media and public attention. 

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11-Year-Old Alfa Barrie Missing At Madison Avenue Bridge

A crime scene near the Madison Avenue Bridge has been established following multiple eyewitness reports of a body, potentially belonging to one of the missing boys from Harlem.

Police have confirmed the heartbreaking news, informing Garrett’s family of the tragic discovery.

As divers commence their search and NYPD helicopters hover over the Harlem River, the community is urged to offer prayers and support to both affected families during this challenging time.

The Medical Examiner has arrived on Randall’s Island, where the NYPD Harbor Unit transported the recovered remains. Alfa and Garrett were last seen together near the 145th Street Bridge in the early hours of May 13.

Alfa Barrie, 11, and Garrett Warren, 13, were last spotted together on Friday evening.
Alfa Barrie, 11, and Garrett Warren, 13, were last spotted together on Friday evening. (Image Source: FOX 5 New York)

Following a police search on Friday and Tuesday, the NYPD Harbor Unit scoured the Harlem River in search of Alfa and Garrett.

Alfa resided in the Bronx, while Garrett lived in Upper Manhattan, as stated by the police.

Descriptions of the missing boys, including Alfa’s height of 5ft 2″ and weight of approximately 100 pounds, and Garrett’s height of 6ft and around 215 pounds, were provided on a missing person poster.

People have been hoping for Alfa and Garrette to be found safe, but unfortunately, the news regarding finding the body of a teenage boy has been shared in public. 

Has Alfa Barrie Body Been Found? 

On Thursday morning, the East River yielded the body of a missing boy from Harlem. Later in the day, the family of 13-year-old Garrett Warren verified that the recovered remains belonged to their loved one.

Multiple individuals observed the body near the Madison Avenue Bridge, leading to its retrieval and transport to shore.

An autopsy is scheduled for Friday. Earlier this week, the NYPD appealed to the public for assistance locating 13-year-old Garrett Warren and 11-year-old Alfa Barrie.

As the search for the 11-year-old boy continues, his family remains hopeful amid this challenging period.

Only the body of a 13-year-old was discovered in public, and people are hoping for him to return safely with his family. 

Law enforcement authorities have retrieved a body from the Harlem River.
Law enforcement authorities have retrieved a body from the Harlem River. (Image Source: The Mirror)

Garrett Warren’s godmother, Christine Vargas, expressed both families’ ongoing difficulties and requested prayers and support.

According to CBS2, no signs of trauma were found on Garrett’s body, and the police do not suspect foul play at this stage. The search for Alfa in the river will now be focused by law enforcement.

According to the NYPD, surveillance footage captured the boys leaving one of their homes and walking together to 145th Street and Lenox Avenue in Harlem around 6 pm on Friday.

Authorities are making efforts to identify everyone who was with them, including classmates and individuals from their schools, as emphasized by Brian Gill, Deputy Chief at Detective Borough Manhattan North.

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