Eleanor Bowles Killer

Seventy-seven years old Eleanor Bowles killer was arrested on Monday, and two suspects have been found. Who do you think is the killer? 

Eleanor Bowles was stabbed on Saturday morning; the investigation has still been going on how the killer passed the security gate.

As per the interviews, no one saw the sus person in the neighborhood that day.

Other news and comments have been passing through about the case, and people are still shocked and scared that a 77-year-old mother was killed at home.

This article will cover every piece of information you need to know about the case and the killer. Please continue reading and find out the fact.

77 Years Old, Eleanor Bowles Killer

Eleanor Bowles was found dead in her garage on Saturday and stabbed.

She was the mother of two; her son was there for a visit at Thanksgiving. The city’s mayor mentioned that it differs from how the family should spend the weekend.

Eleanor Bowles with her son at Thanksgiving.
Eleanor Bowles with her son at Thanksgiving. (Image Source: FOX 5 Atlanta)

After the investigation, it was found out that the case was not a murder case. 

The person who killed the woman was there for robbery, but when she found out and tried to comfort them, they stabbed the woman and ran away.

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Case Update: 23 Year Old, Antonio Brown Arrested

23-year-old young man Antonio Brown was arrested in the case of murder on Monday, as per Police deputy.

Within 24 hours, Brown was under Police community, and they believed that Brown broke into the House and tried to take off her 2021 Lexus RS350.

But, the woman came to the garage and found him in the car, and when Brown saw her, he just stabbed her, and she was dead on the spot. 

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Police also believed that Brown was not the only one involved in the case, so the investigation is undergoing on a severe note to find the killer.

Car of the Bowles was tracked, and Brown was sent to Fulton County Jail. And he is currently in jail on charges of murder, elder abuse, possession of a knife, and hijacking the car.

New arrests in deadly Buckhead stabbing, Atlantic station double homicide
New arrests in deadly Buckhead stabbing, Atlantic station double homicide. (Image Source: FOX 5 Atlanta)

Many cases have been seen in metro Atlant last few months, and the mayor said he will not tolerate this issue in Atlant now. And he will look at the case seriously.

The 16-year teenager was arrested for the murder of 16 and a 15-year-old last month, & just last week, another teenager was arrested for killing from the city.

Additionally, the mayor mentioned that the death of Ms. Bowles had caused severe issues. Netizens are not even safe in their own houses. 

Hopefully, the investigation will help find the killer, and the mayor will do something for the city’s protection.

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