Alessia Russo Health

Alessia Russo health has grasped the attention of sports followers to the extent that they have questioned whether the pro footballer is playing today.

Alessia “Ali” Mia Teresa Russo is an accomplished English football player, certainly one of the most terrific Lionesses the national team has.

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Russo plays as a forward for Arsenal in the Women’s Super League and is also a part of the England national team.

Born in Hampstead, London, Alessia began her youth career with Chelsea’s academy and later joined Brighton & Hove Albion’s development team.

Her potential as a talented forward was quickly recognized, and she earned call-ups to the England youth national teams.

Russo further honed her skills at the University of North Carolina, playing for the UNC Tar Heels women’s soccer team.

She gained recognition for her performances both in the NCAA and internationally.

Now with a great experience and influential games throughout her career, people have been drawn not only to her matches but to her personal life as well.

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English Footballer: Alessia Russo Health Condition In 2023

In June, Alessia Russo shared her perspective, discussing her past struggles with food and weight, which has prompted the searches regarding her health.

Before shedding light on that, let’s be clear that the professional footballer currently is healthy and does not have any health issues.

Now in her previous issue, the Lioness of England, Russo, appeared as striking on the July/August edition of Women’s Health UK as she does on the soccer field.

Alessia Russo Health
Alessia Russo recalled the time when she used to measure every calorie of the food she ate (Source: Women’s Health)

Swapping her football attire for stylish sportswear and flaunting her toned physique and flowing blonde hair, she confidently adorned the glossy magazine’s cover.

However, Alessia revealed to Women’s Health UK that she hasn’t always felt such comfort within her body.

To illustrate, once, she meticulously tracked her food using an app, but she openly acknowledges that this strategy didn’t prove effective for her.

Dedicated to her sport and prioritizing her body’s nutrition for peak performance, Russo emphasized the ongoing importance of her well-being.

She recognized the necessity of providing proper nourishment, explaining that her body is her major concern.

Eventually, Russo realized that she should consume a much greater amount of food, and she should focus on being strong rather than merely thin.

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Alessia Russo Injury 2023: Is She Playing Today?

Alessia Russo has not met any injury in 2023. In fact, with the goal scored by her, the England national team advanced to the final of the World Cup.

Close friends Alessia Russo and Ella Toone both found the back of the net as England defeated co-hosts Australia 3-1, securing their debut appearance in the final.

In the 86th minute, Russo concluded her impressive display with a crucial goal that calmed England’s nerves and paved the way for a showdown.

The anticipated goal to quiet the crowd became a reality, and it was a spectacular one.

Alessia Russo Health
The winning goal by Alessia Russo took the England team to the final (Source: Her Football Hub)

Hemp managed to keep the ball in play and sent it to Russo, who, as an Arsenal forward, pulled it back.

Despite the ball being slightly behind Hemp’s trailing leg, Toone was in position to launch a powerful shot into the top corner of the net.

Their gameplay exhibited a composed passing style that led to growing frustration among the Australian players on the field and their supporters in the stands.

The ultimate match between Spain and England is scheduled for August 20, 2023, at Sydney’s Stadium Australia.

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