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Alex Greenwood teeth look too perfect to be real. The hot young football player looks very different from her debut years. What did she do to her face? Find out in the article.

Alex Greenwood is a professional English Football player who has many prestigious leagues and clubs such as the Women’s Super League club, Manchester City and England National Team linked with her.

The 29-year-old athlete is known for being a left-back and can play center-back and is considered a set-piece specialist.

She began her career playing for the football club ‘Everton’. She later became part of many other famous football clubs like Liverpool, Notts County, Olympique Lyonnais, and Division 1 Feminine.

Alex was able to name herself FA Women’s Young Player of the Year in 2012 after bringing home many wins for her team along with her team members.

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What’s The Deal With Alex Greenwood Teeth?

Alex Greenwood is not only famous for her skills on the ground, but she has also been able to grab the attention of many people with her looks and attractive athlete charm off the ground.

She may or may not have thought about having to receive so much attention through her football career, but Alex is now aware of the people’s eyes on her personal life.

She is often on the news regarding her alleged plastic surgeries and cosmetic procedures.

Recently, ‘Alex Greenwood teeth’ has been in the search tab of many of the young footballer’s fans.

Alex Greenwood teeth are so perfect..
Alex Greenwood teeth are so perfect. Don’t you think so? (Source: Instagram)

Alex, although extremely beautiful and extraordinarily lucky in terms of physical build, is just as imperfect as any other human being.

Many of her fans suggest that they see a vast difference when it comes to her teeth, Alex’s old interviews show that she had ‘buck teeth’.

Comparing her old videos to her newer ones, people are quick to notice that Alex Greenwood teeth are now extremely perfect, white, and look straight out of a toothpaste ad.

People are confused as they have never seen Alex with braces, and she has been in Infront of cameras throughout these years.

Alex Greenwood smiling
Be it natural or not, Alex Greenwood teeth should not be a factor to judge her. (Source: Instagram)

Some of her fans are not fans of her perfectly aligned white teeth.

They suggest that Alex is slowly losing her old ‘cute’ football player charm as she is trying to present herself as ‘extremely perfect’.

Others are supporting the Alex Greenwood teeth transformation, with comments like “her money, she earned it she can do anything with it.”

Constantly Changing Herself: Why Are Alex Greenwood Fans Angry At Her?

Although a tough player on the field, she has opened up about having difficulties dealing with online bullies throughout her career.

She has spoken on several occasions about how she and other colleagues have been facing many derogatory remarks about their apparencies.

Her teeth are not the only body part of her making news, she is often on the news regarding her other alleged plastic surgeries and cosmetic procedures.

Alex Greenwood looks completely different in her debut years.
Alex Greenwood looks completely different in her debut years. (Source: DATACENTER)

Alex’s recent videos and pictures have made fans believe that she might have used anti-wrinkle injections, which might have erased her wrinkles, laugh lines, and the crow’s feet around her eyes.

One of her fans on Reddit writes,

She has an extremely smooth face now, her brows are much more lifted, and she definitely has some work done.

Alex hasn’t spoken about these claims as of now, which is making the footballers’ fans question her moral beliefs.

Furthermore, some Redditors added, she has many young fan girls which may affect them with her constantly changing appearance.

Whether it is about Alex Greenwood teeth or her Botox injections, People want Alex to talk about her procedures so that she does not set unrealistic examples of beauty for her fans.

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