Allison Seymour Fired

Amid recent developments, many people are curious to know if Allison Seymour has been fired from her role as a morning news anchor at WUSA9.

Allison Seymour, the Emmy award-winning anchor, has been a prominent figure on the morning news in her hometown of Washington, D.C., since 1999. 

With a successful career over two decades, she has garnered immense popularity and respect among viewers.

Having started her journey behind the scenes at the D.C. bureau of ABC News, Allison’s passion for journalism led her to pursue a Master of Mass Communication from the University of South Carolina.

Is Allison Seymour Fired? 

As of the latest available information, up to July 2023, there have been no reports or indications that Allison Seymour has been fired from her role as the morning news anchor at WUSA9.

Allison Seymour’s journey in journalism continues to be one worth following, and her future endeavors are sure to captivate and inspire audiences across the nation. (Source:

It is essential to note that the media landscape can change rapidly, and new developments may occur after this article’s publication date. 

However, based on the information available up to this point, there is no evidence to suggest that Allison Seymour’s tenure at WUSA9 has ended involuntarily.

Allison’s extensive experience in the industry, coupled with her Emmy® award-winning status, suggests that she continues to be a valued and respected member of the WUSA9 team. Her anchoring role on “Get Up DC!” has contributed significantly to the morning news program’s success in the Washington, D.C.,.

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While Allison Seymour’s professional journey has seen her move through various cities and stations, her current position at WUSA9 has been a stable and crucial part of her career for nearly three years.

Where Is Allison Seymour Going After Leaving WUSA 9?

As of the latest information, Allison Seymour has not announced plans to leave WUSA9. 

Allison Tweet
Allison Seymour congratulates her colleague Wisdom Martin on completing 20 years at FOX5. (Source: Twitter)

However, it is worth noting that career trajectories in the media industry can sometimes be unpredictable, and changes in roles and stations can occur.

Should Allison decide to pursue new opportunities in the future, her impressive track record and experience will undoubtedly make her an attractive candidate for various roles in journalism and broadcasting. It is not uncommon for journalists to explore different paths and take on fresh challenges throughout their careers.

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Considering Allison’s previous experiences in cities like St. Louis, Albany, and Upstate New York, there may be possibilities for her to venture into other markets or take on new responsibilities within the media landscape.

Allison Seymour’s Career Journey

Allison Seymour’s career journey has been a testament to her unwavering dedication and passion for journalism. 

Starting behind the scenes at the D.C. bureau of ABC News, she honed her skills and pursued a Master of Mass Communication from the University of South Carolina. Her early experiences as a news anchor date back to the blizzard 1993 in Upstate New York, where she embarked on her on-air career.

From there, she journeyed through various cities, including St. Louis, Albany, and Washington, D.C., leaving her mark as a talented and respected news anchor. 

Throughout her career, Allison’s dedication to community service through her involvement in Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. and Jack and Jill of America, Inc. showcases her commitment to making a positive impact beyond journalism.

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