Qorianka Kilcher Angela Yellowstone series actress

Many Drama series fans are curious whether the Yellowstone Actress looks different on her face. Did Q’orianka Kilcher, aka Angela Blue Thunder, Get Her Lips Done?

Angela has grabbed the limelight since her appearance in the fan-favorite show Yellowstone in Season 3.

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The Yellowstone Actress appeared on the show in the Season 3 of the show. She won everyone’s hearts by portraying the popular character Angela Blue Thunder.

Her role in the series is not only convincing but also ozzed mystery.

A few before and after snips of the Actress originate some suspicion about whether she has undergone lips surgery.

Has the Yellowstone Actress Kilcher gone through surgery? Let’s figure it out.

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Did Angela Yellowstone Get Lips Surgery?

Native Actress Q’orianka Kilcher, aka Angela Blue Thunder, has never confirmed getting her lips done. Kilcher has contradicted modifying her appearance following her car accident in October 2018.

Q'orianka Kilcher Angela Yellowstone actress
Yellowstone Actress Q’orianka Kilcher never talked about her lip job. (Source: Looper)

Talented Kilcher has never openly talked about her surgery. Her firm avoidance confused the fans more about her appearance.

Also, she might worry about her looks too much and doesn’t want her fans to know about it.

This hints that Kilcher doesn’t want to announce her lip jobs publicly. Strictly speaking, the Yellowstone Actress seems busy with her career.

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Yellowstone: Angela Before And After Plastic Surgery

Angela, aka Q’orianka Kilcher’s attractive transformation over the years, has made certain fans wonder if she has got any plastic surgery.

To a great degree, all eyes are centered on her enlarged lips, which look slightly offbeat than the previous one.

Similarly, Angela’s before and after pictures hint she might have engaged in serious face enhancements.

Q'orianka Kilcher Angela Yellowstone
Yellowstone Actress Q’orianka Kilcher is in the series as Angela. (Source: Deadline)

As mentioned earlier, The Yellowstone Actress Kilcher has never openly spoken about her lip surgery.

It seems like she took good care of her skin with some regular facial sessions and cosmeceuticals. Perhaps, the Actress might even take well-ordered laser treatments.

Yellowstone Actress Kilcher’s impressive before and after alteration indicates a fair few under-the-knife speculations.

Angela AKA Q’orianka Kilcher Injury: How Did This Happen?

Angela, aka Q’orianka Kilcher, met an accident in 2018 on the film Dora And The Lost City sets.

The Actress badly injured her neck and right shoulder in October of that year.

Kilcher nearly became almost 10% disabled after the incident.

Unfortunately, her healing process was not quick, and she took a long road to recovery. In addition, Angela, aka Kilcher, went through mental health issues and physical woes.

Exciting Facts About Angela AKA Q’orianka Kilcher

Here are some unknown facts about the Yellowstone Actress Kilcher

  • Kilcher is one of the bravest women as a born rebel and activist who has never shied away from expressing her views.
  • Besides her Angela role in Yellowstone, she has appeared in several films, including The New World.
  • Kilcher, aka Angela, had a controversy in 2019 regarding her insurance policy. Allegedly the Actress remained under investigation for breaching the law by claiming disability benefits.

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