Anjem Choudary Wife

Anjem Choudary’s wife, Rubana Akhtar, has been associated with various extremist groups.

Anjem Choudary is a Pakistani-British Islamist and a prominent figure in militant Islamism. 

He has been known for his extremist views and involvement in various controversial organizations. Throughout his career, his wife, Rubana Akhtar, has been associated with Al-Muhajiroun and its female wing. 

This article delves into the life of Rubana Akhtar, exploring her background, involvement in extremist activities, and connection with Anjem Choudary.

Anjem Choudary Wife: Who Is Rubana Akhtar?

Rubana Akhtar, also recognized by the alias Rubana Akhgar, is the wife of Anjem Choudary, a notorious Islamist and political activist operating in the United Kingdom.

The couple was spotted outside a Marks and Spencer store in North London during the morning. (Source:

Her involvement in extremist circles has been significant, with her active participation in various radical groups being a concern for law enforcement and security agencies. 

One of the most prominent organizations she was associated with is Al-Muhajiroun, which gained notoriety for its extremist ideologies and activities. In 2010, the UK government took decisive action and banned Al-Muhajiroun for its role in promoting radicalism and terrorism.

Being married to Anjem Choudary, one of the key figures behind Al-Muhajiroun, played a crucial role in shaping Akhtar’s path into the world of extremism. Throughout the years, her active participation and leadership in the female wing of Al-Muhajiroun raised eyebrows and intensified scrutiny from authorities. 

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This position granted her a level of influence within the organization and potentially allowed her to recruit and radicalize other women.

Does Rubana Akhtar Have Wikipedia?

Rubana Akhtar’s absence from Wikipedia can be attributed to several factors. 

Anjem wife
The extremist preacher met the woman, who was holding shopping bags, in a small London alleyway. (Source:

While Wikipedia aims to provide comprehensive information about notable individuals, not everyone meets the criteria for inclusion on the platform.

Since Rubana Akhtar is not a public figure in the traditional sense, she may not have garnered enough attention from mainstream media or independent publications to meet the notability standards for a Wikipedia article.

Additionally, Wikipedia has strict guidelines against hosting content that promotes or glorifies illegal or controversial activities.

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Given Akhtar’s association with extremist groups and her involvement in activities linked to organizations like Al-Muhajiroun and ISIS support, her past actions and affiliations may have deterred editors from creating a Wikipedia page for her.

Rubana Akhtar Age: How Old Is She?

Rubana Akhtar’s age was reported to be 43 years in the year 2018. As of the 2023, she would be 49 years old.

The exact date of her birth and other personal details might not be publicly available due to her involvement in controversial and extremist activities, which may have led to the disclosure of limited information about her private life.

Rubana Akhtar’s age is significant in understanding her trajectory and involvement in extremist circles, particularly her association with Anjem Choudary and her role in various radical groups, including the female wing of Al-Muhajiroun.

It’s important to note that individuals involved in such sensitive matters might prefer to keep their personal information private. For security reasons, their ages and other personal details might not be readily accessible to the public.

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As such, it is crucial to respect privacy concerns while reporting on individuals connected to controversial or extremist activities.

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