Are Elly De La Cruz And Oneil Cruz Related

Many people are curious to know if Elly De La Cruz and Oneil Cruz are related due to their shared Dominican heritage and involvement in professional baseball.

Baseball has always been a sport that captures the attention and fascination of fans worldwide. It is a game filled with excitement, skill, and a rich history of talented players. 

Two Dominican infielders have recently emerged on the Major League Baseball (MLB) scene, making waves with impressive performances. 

Elly Antonio De La Cruz and Oneil Cruz have made their mark in the league, showcasing their skills and potential. 

This article will explore their respective careers, their journey to the majors, and their achievements. 

Are Elly De La Cruz And Oneil Cruz Related? 

Elly De La Cruz and Oneil Cruz may share a similar background and love for baseball, but no evidence supports the claim that they are related. 

It is not uncommon for players with the same nationality and similar surnames to be mistaken for relatives. Still, in this case, the two players have no familial connection.

Elly De La Cruz and Oneil Cruz hail from the Dominican Republic, renowned for producing talented baseball players. 

Dominican players have significantly impacted the MLB, and their contributions to the sport are highly regarded. However, it is important to note that not all Dominican players are related to each other simply because they share the same nationality.

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Elly De La Cruz and Oneil Cruz have each forged their paths in baseball. They have worked tirelessly to develop their skills, overcome challenges, and earn their spots in professional baseball.

Elly De La Cruz Career Details Explored

Elly Antonio De La Cruz, born on January 11, 2002, is a talented Dominican professional baseball infielder who plays for the Cincinnati Reds in MLB. 

De La Cruz is a standout player who possesses immense potential, rivaling that of any player in the world of baseball. (Source:

His journey to the majors began when he signed with the Reds as an international free agent on July 2, 2018. At just 16 years old, De La Cruz displayed tremendous potential, catching the attention of scouts with his impressive skills and baseball acumen.

De La Cruz made his professional debut in 2019, starting his career with the Dominican Summer League Reds. Due to the minor league season being postponed in 2020 as a result of the COVID-19 epidemic, he was unable to participate in any games. 

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However, he continued to hone his skills and prepare for future opportunities.

Oneil Cruz Career Achievements

Oneil Cruz, the towering Dominican shortstop, has achieved significant milestones throughout his baseball career

During that period, Cruz frequently found himself placed in the latter half of the Pittsburgh Pirates’ lineup, often settling into the sixth position of the batting order. (Source:

Despite adversity and challenges, Cruz’s talent and dedication have earned him recognition and acclaim in the baseball community. Let’s explore some of his notable career achievements.

Oneil Cruz made his much-anticipated MLB debut in 2021, donning the uniform of the Pittsburgh Pirates. As he went onto the field of Major League Baseball, the greatest level of professional baseball in the world, his debut represented a critical turning point in his career. 

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This achievement is a testament to Cruz’s hard work, skill, and perseverance. While his career is still in its early stages, he has already accomplished significant feats.

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