Bella Fontanelle

Bella Fontanelle mother, Jennifer Zeledon, reportedly had a conflict with the accused murderer Hannah Bunnak Landon in 2021. Here are more details.

Bella Fontanelle was a kindergartener at St. Matthew the Apostle school. The small lady was found dead inside a bucket in her mother’s front yard Wednesday morning.

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The incident happened on April 26, 2023. According to Jefferson Parish Coroner Dr. Gerry Cvitanovich, Bella died of multiple injuries, which determined that she was murdered.

Bella was reported missing, so her Father headed to the neighborhood Police station. Later, her body was discovered complete and not dismembered in a bucket outside her mother’s home.

Following the incident, everyone has been asking questions related to her mother, Jennifer Zeledon, which we’ve discussed below in depth.

Who Is Bella Fontanelle Mother Jennifer Zeledon?

Jennifer Zeledon is the mother of Bella Fontanelle. Hannah Landon is the primary suspect and was arrested at a local hospital Wednesday afternoon. 

A new court document has shown that Jennifer and Hannah had disputes in 2021. On March 17, 2021, they got into a physical confrontation during a swim meet for one of the children, the filing states. Bella’s dad had to intervene.

Bella Fontanelle Mother
Bella Fontanelle was killed by her stepmother Hannah Landon, and she’s already arrested. ( Source: YouTube )

In another incident on June 8, 2021, Jennifer and Hannah apparently tussled during a soccer match, pulling hair, shoving, kicking, and clawing at one another. 

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Jennifer Zeledon Wikipedia and Age

Jennifer Zeledon is recognized as the mother of Bella Fontanelle, who lost her life. As said earlier, Bella was found dead inside a bucket. So, details regarding Jennifer’s age and profession remain unknown at the time of this post.

Sheriff Joe Lopinto said Bella’s mother and Father were interviewed, and they are not considered suspects in the homicide investigation.

Jennifer was married to Michael Fontenelle, but they are no longer together. Despite their separation, the details of their divorce remain unknown.

Jennifer Zeledon GFM
Bianca Cano is organizing this fundraiser on behalf of Jennifer Zeledon. ( Source: GoFundMe )

Michael was in a relationship with Hannah Landon, aka Bunnak Lim, who is accused of Bella’s killing. It is reported that Michael also has a daughter whose name has not been shared.

Neighbors’ surveillance video showed Hannah dragging a wagon with a bucket nearby before the body was discovered. According to JPSO, Hannah is facing first-degree ****** charges and an obstruction of justice charge.

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Jennifer Zeledon Husband: Where Is Bella Fontanelle Mother Now?

Jennifer Zeledon was married to Michael Fontenelle, and they welcomed a daughter named Bella Fontanelle. The details regarding Jennifer’s marriage with Michael remain unknown.

However, it can be said that they are not together. Following the ***** of their child, Jennifer and Michael were interviewed. 

Moreover, the current status of Jennifer remains unknown. Despite that, we will surely give more updates as people are eager to know about it following the ***** of a young girl.

Hannah Landon
Hannah Landon is being held without bond at the Jefferson Parish Correctional Center. ( Source: New York Post )

Apart from that, Michael’s girlfriend, Hannah Landon, was arrested overnight by Louisiana Police. She is facing first-degree ****** and obstruction of justice. As of now, Hannah is being held without bond at the Jefferson Parish Correctional Center. 

A hearing was supposed to occur on Thursday, but it didn’t happen because she was on suicide watch. So, keep visiting Genius Celebs for more updates regarding this topic. 

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