Rosario Mohedano

Chayo Mohedano videos have gone viral on various social media platforms including Twitter. Keep reading this article to know more about her leaked scandal.

Rosario Mohedano famous as Chayo is a Spanish singer and television personality. Rosario comes from a family with a strong musical background and is recognized for being the niece of Rocío Jurado.

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Not only that, but she is also famous for being the cousin of Spanish singer and actress Rocío Carrasco. Rosario gained recognition in the late 1990s and early 2000s as a singer, releasing several albums.

Apart from her musical career, Rosario has appeared on television shows, participating in reality programs and competitions.

Meanwhile, Mohedano makes rounds on the internet sources for various reasons. Currently, everyone has been searching for the singer’s viral video.

So, collecting everything from the accessible sources, the details regarding the Rosario scandal have been covered in this article.

Chayo Mohedano Videos And Foto Goes Viral

Chayo Mohedano videos and foto have gone viral on various social media platforms including Twitter and Reddit. For the past few days, the news has created a buzz on the web.

Not to mention, the video and photo of the singer were leaked by someone from OnlyFans. It has been noted that Chayo made a video for her OnlyFans account.

Chayo Mohedano Videos
Chayo Mohedano video has gone viral on various social media platforms which was leaked. ( Source: Instagram )

Later, it was leaked on social media groups which went viral instantly. In the viral videos and photos, Mohedano can be seen exposing herself to the camera.

It was the reason why many people were shocked and they have also shared their thoughts regarding this matter. 

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Chayo Mohedano Leaked Footage Scandal Explained

Chayo Mohedano leaked footage scandal has created a buzz online. As said earlier, a private video of Chayo was leaked on social media that went viral on the web.

Due to that, Mohedano was pulled into the middle of controversy. A private video of Chayo was leaked on social media groups which went viral instantly.

Chayo Mohedano Leaked Footage
Chayo Mohedano leaked footage has created a buzz on the web which was allegedly leaked from her OF account. ( Source: El Espanol )

In the leaked footage, Mohedano can be seen playing with herself exposing her to the camera. Apart from that, some photos of Chayo have also been shared heavily.

Following that, some online sources started making news about it and they even posted fake videos just to get views on their posts.

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Chayo Mohedano Takes Legal Action On Her Leaked Video

Chayo Mohedano is making rounds after her leaked video went viral. The video created a buzz on the web and online users started asking many questions.

The video has dragged the singer into the controversy and it has also harmed her personality. Due to this reason, Mohedano recently gave an update via her Twitter account.

Chayo Mohedano Scandal
Chayo Mohedano made headlines for her scandal and she reported the matter to police. ( Source: Diez Minutos )

In an update, Chayo said that she has reported the matter to the Civil Guard and the Police. While giving an update, she wrote

“ATTENTION: A private video is being spread on this social network @X reported in @policia @guardiacivil. I have screenshots of everyone who has spread, commented, and saved said video.”

Furthermore, Mohedano shared screenshots of those accounts that shared the video in the comment section. 

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