Kiesha Weippeart Father

Chris Weippeart was the biological father of Kiesha Weippeart, who was brutally murdered by her own mother in 2010.

On 1 August 2010, Kiesha Weippeart’s mother, Kristi Abrahams, reported her missing to the police. Kristi claimed she last saw her six-year-old daughter when she tucked her into bed at their house the previous night.

In fact, the six-year-old girl already died on 13 July 2010. Abrahams reportedly knocked her unconscious for not putting on her pajamas.

Kiesha later passed away after being placed to sleep. The girl received no medical care. Kristi and her partner, Robert Smith, hid the young victim’s body before burning and burying it in Sydney’s west.

Abrahams and Smith became popular for their passionate appeals to the public after they reported Kiesha’s missing. It led to extensive searches of western Sydney.

But an undercover investigation by NSW police resulted in the arrest of Kristi Abrahams and Robert Smith.

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Who Was Chris Weippeart, Kiesha Weippeart Father?

Kiesha Weippeart’s biological father was Chris Weippeart. The girl’s father died in November 2012. He died of natural causes.

Mr. Weippeart, 29, was found dead by his mother in their Tregear house. Kiesha’s grandmother told the police that Chris had gone to bed but didn’t wake up in the morning.

Kiesha Weippeart Father
Kiesha Weippeart’s biological father, Chris Weippeart, died of natural causes in November 2012. (Image Source: The Daily Telegraph)

Kiesha’s dad reportedly had many health problems, such as diabetes and was also known as a drug user.

NSW police didn’t suspect any foul play in Mr. Weippeart’s death. The authorities wrote a report for the coroner. They reportedly sent the body for post-mortem for an investigation review of his medical history.

Kiesha Weippeart Mother Was Charged With Her Murder

Kiesha Weippeart’s mother, Kristi Anne Abrahams, and Robert Smith (Kristi’s partner) were charged with her murder on the day, which would have been Kiesha’s seventh birthday.

The pair pretended she disappeared from home for the next eight months. However, after a lengthy investigation into the case, the NSW police launched an undercover investigation into the Abrahams-Smith pair.

The authority found the 6-year-old’s remains in April 2011 in bushland in Shalvey in Sydney’s west.

In addition, the autopsy result of the young girl’s body revealed that she had suffered long-term physical abuse, resulting in her death.

The victim’s mother was set to stand trial starting on 17 June 2013. But she pleaded guilty to her crime on the same day.

Detective Inspector Russell Oxford, who was in command of the murder case, said that Abrahams’ guilty plea resulted from three years of their effort.

Kiesha Weippeart Father
Kiesha Weippeart’s stepfather and mother before arrest. (Image Source: The Daily Telegraph)

Afterward, Kiesha’s mother was sentenced to at least 16 years in prison. On the other hand, the victim’s stepfather, Robert Smith, was sentenced to a minimum of 12 years in prison for being a co-conspirator in the young girl’s murder.

Kiesha Weippeart Stepfather Robert Smith Has Been Released

Kisha Weippeart’s stepdad was granted parole in April 2023. He currently resides in Sydney’s east near a children’s center.

As reported by The Daily Telegraph, Smith, 44, was spotted for the first time on 16 May 2023 since he was released after serving 12 years for the manslaughter of the little girl.

Robert Smith is still not “sorry” 13 years after dousing his step-daughter’s body in petrol and setting it on fire. When asked if he would apologize to Kiesha’s family and would call an ambulance for her, Smith reportedly replied, “Nah.”

It has been reported that Robert is living in a halfway house with other newly released serious offenders. He is forbidden to contact Kiesha’s family and must not leave the facility between 6 pm and 6 am.

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