Chuck Schumer Scandal: The American Politician is making headlines yet again for another controversy regarding his affair with Allison R. Greenfield.

Chuck Schumer, the Senate Majority Leader and a prominent Democrat, has been the target of various rumors and allegations over the years.

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Some of them have been proven false, while others have been dismissed as political attacks.

But is there any truth to the latest claim that he is having an affair with Allison R. Greenfield, a former staffer and lobbyist?

Chuck Schumer Scandal: What Are The Accusations?

Chuck Schumer, who has been married to Iris Weinshall for over 40 years, is allegedly “running” the New York Civil Fraud case against him with his girlfriend Allison Greenfield.

Although Greenfield indeed serves as Judge Engoron’s chief clerk, Trump claimed that something irregular is taking place in his lawsuit case by posting a screenshot of a tweet that included Schumer and Greenfield together.

When a Twitter user posted a picture of the two in a Washington, D.C. restaurant in October 2021, the notion that Schumer and Greenfield were dating first appeared on social media.

According to the user, they were “very cozy,” and Greenfield was donning a “huge diamond ring.”

The post gained a lot of attention, and netizens began to speculate that Schumer, who wed Iris Weinshall in 1980, was having an affair.

Chuck Schumer Scandal
Trump shared a screenshot of Schumer with the chief clerk of Engoron. (Source: MeidasTouch Network)

However, no evidence supports this claim, and Schumer’s office has denied it.

A spokesperson for Schumer told The New York Post that the photo was taken in 2019 when Greenfield was part of a group of friends who joined Schumer for dinner.

The spokesperson also said that Greenfield is married to someone else and that the ring was not an engagement ring.

Greenfield is a former legislative assistant to Schumer, who worked for him from 2005 to 2009.

She is now a lobbyist for Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck, a law firm representing clients like Amazon, Comcast, and Pfizer.

According to her LinkedIn profile, Greenfield specializes in health care, energy, and transportation issues.

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Chuck Schumer Affair: Is He Dating Allison R. Greenfield?

Schumer has been married to Weinshall for 41 years, and they have two daughters, Jessica and Alison.

Iris is the chief operating officer of The New York Public Library and a former commissioner of the New York City Department of Transportation.

Schumer has never admitted to having an affair, and there is no credible evidence that he has ever cheated on his wife. In fact, he has often praised Weinshall for her support and dedication.

Iris has been my partner in all I do, he wrote in his 2007 book Positively American: Winning Back the Middle-Class Majority One Family at a Time.

Chuck Schumer Scandal
Chuck Schumer has not talked about the allegations about his alleged affair. (Image Source: CoopWB)

He also credited her for helping him balance his work and family life. He wrote:

“Iris has taught me how to be a good father and husband. She ensures I spend enough time with our daughters and don’t neglect them because of my busy schedule.”

Schumer has also faced some false or dubious allegations of sexual misconduct in the past. In 2017, he was the victim of a forged document that accused him of harassing a former staffer.

He denounced it as a “phony allegation” and said he would pursue legal action against the sender.

In 2018, he was falsely accused of having an affair with a high school cheerleader by a satirical website. Fact-checkers and Schumer’s office debunked the story.

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The only scandal that Schumer has been involved in was in 1983 when the Justice Department investigated him for allegedly using state funds to pay for his congressional campaign staff.

He was never charged with any crime but agreed to reimburse $10,000 to the state.

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