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Darrel Janz obituary is trending on the internet, but here’s the fact you need to know about the renowned Canadian broadcaster.

Darrel Janz is one of the most respected broadcasters from Canada who is widely famous for his work at CTV. He gained widespread recognition as CTV News Calgary Host of CTV Calgary’s Inspired.

CTV Calgary has also released a documentary named Darrel Janz: A Life in the News that chronicles his fascinating life and remarkable career. It was written and narrated by Kevin Green.

Not to mention, Janz’s broadcasting career kicked off at CFAM Radio in Altona, Manitoba, in 1962. Between 1963 and 1972, Darrel did both radio and television in Moose Jaw, Saskatoon and Montreal.

Currently, Janz’s name has been making rounds on the internet, and his death rumors are also circulating, leaving his well-wishers confused. 

Calgary Darrel Janz Obituary and Death News

Calgary’s Darrel Janz obituary has been searched heavily on the internet. However, it is not available. Darrel’s obituary topic started when his death news circulated on social media.

However, there is no fact about it. Darrel’s demise news may have come into the limelight without any facts. Due to that, many people were shattered, and they instantly started searching for the fact on the web.

Darrel Janz obituary
Darrel Janz obituary is trending on the web, but the renowned broadcaster is still alive. ( Source: CTV News Calgary )

At the time of this post, none of the verified media sources have given any news regarding the matter. Not only that, but Janz’s representative or he himself has not made a single comment regarding the false news.

In addition to that, Darrel may give some info about it soon, as many of his supporters have been asking multiple questions. Also, Genius Celebs will give more updates soon.

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Is Darrel Janz Dead or Alive?

Darrel Janz is still alive, but his death news has dragged his name into the spotlight. As stated earlier, the rumors of Janz’s passing came into the media without any facts.

Due to his low activeness on social media, people may have gotten confused about it. However, everyone can be clear that Janz is not dead. 

Darrel Janz Dead
Darrel Janz is still alive, and all of his death rumors are fake. ( Source: Drumheller Online )

So, all the rumors are fake, and his death news has already been debunked. Furthermore, Janz has been working actively in the broadcasting field for a long time.

Apart from that, Darrel is retiring from CTV Calgary after serving in the station for five decades. With that news, people have been wishing him the best for the future and his upcoming plans.

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Where Is Darrel Janz Now?

According to a report, Darrel Janz lives in High River with his family. Janz served at CTV for 50 years and is retiring. Due to that, his name is currently trending on the web.

Furthermore, his departure has made many of his fans sad. Also, Janz is receiving sweet messages on social media. Many of his colleagues on the stations have also shared their memories with him and have tagged him as a legend.

Darrel Janz Now
Darrel Janz is retiring from CTV Calgary after serving in the station for 50 years. ( Source: Twitter )

Apart from his departure from CTV Calgary, Janz has already started another venture. He is now hosting an inspirational talk show named Legacy Makers along with Jacqueline Clements.

So, from now, Darrel can be heard talking with Jacqueline Clements along with other guests on the new talk show.

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