Marissa Tomaino Deanna Burditt Daughter

Deanna Burditt daughter relationship with her famous ex-husband is very surprising. How did her ex-husband help her daughter Marissa find work? Find out in the article.

Deanna Burditt is a famous legal worker known for her wide social media personality and personal life.

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The 45-year-old grabbed the headlines after her marriage with the famous Las Vegas-based reality television personality, businessman, and co-founder of the World-Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop, Rick Harrison.

After completing her basic studies at a local school, she was able to get herself enrolled in a very well-known college, where she took her first step into the world of law.

The beautiful and talented Deanna Burditt was married twice before marrying the rich businessman Rick Harrison. Although she has no kids with the Pawn Stars star Rick Harrison, she has two daughters from her previous marriage.

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Deanna Burditt Daughter: Ciana And Marissa Tomaino

Deanna Burditt was known as Deanna Tomaino when she married her first husband. Later, she divorced him and married her second husband, Martines.

Her third marriage with Rick Harrison also came to an end in 2020 after seven years of marriage. Still, it was reported that while the marriage lasted, Rick and Deanna enjoyed a very happy marriage life.

The two daughters from her first marriage, Ciana and Marissa Tomaino, share a beautiful and loving bond with her mother.

Deanna Burditt Daughter
Deanna Burditt in vacation with her daughters. (Source: Instagram)

Even though her husbands couldn’t keep their vows about being through thick and thin, Deanna Burditt daughter became her two strong pillars of support when she went through another two divorces.

Her eldest daughter Marissa Tomaino works as a beauty specialist. She also worked in the makeup department of her stepdad’s famous show ‘Pawnograpy‘ and in another show called ‘The Pros of Cons.’

We can assume that she had an amazing relationship with her stepdad. Rick has used his connections not only once but twice to help Marrisa be involved in amazing work opportunities.

Marrisa is quite active in sharing her personal and professional life through her Instagram, with almost 10,000 followers.

Unlike Marrisa, Deanna Burditt’s second daughter Ciana lives a very private life. Ciana chooses to keep her socials private and doesn’t let many know about her business.

It is known from one of Deanna’s close ones that Ciana also shared a very nice bond with her stepfather Rick and has been a very supportive daughter throughout her mother’s toughest days.

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Deanna Burditt’s Life Throughout Her Three Failed Marriages

Deanna Burditt always did not have good choices when it came to her partners, as one of her ex-husbands was known for his abnormal sexual behaviors, which got him arrested and prosecuted.

After going through two tough failed marriages, it seemed like she finally found her soulmate in Rick Harrison, but unfortunately, it had to end as well.

Deanna Burditt Husband
Deanna Burditt Marriage with Rick Harrison. (Source: Dailymail)

Rick and Deanna began dating each other in 2011 after they met at the famous Aureole restaurant 2011. Later, Rick proposed to her in the same restaurant with a gorgeous expensive diamond ring.

They finally made it official in July 2013 in Laguna Beach, California, celebrated by 200 guests. It was reported that Deanna Burditt daughter and Rick Harrison’s kids were a very crucial part of the wedding.

Her wedding to Rick made a lot of headlines, keeping her name on the news for several weeks. Weirdly, many articles were written in her name, suggesting that she was a gold digger.

The gold digger’s claim was later debunked by Rick himself. Ricky said in an interview that Deanna wanted a really low-key wedding, and the extravaganza wedding was not planned by Deanna.

After seven years of marriage, they discovered that they had two completely different perspectives on living life, and it was never going to work.

They have been very cordial while talking about each other and accepted that the divorce was not a ‘one person fault.’

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