Dick Sheridan Obituary

The football community mourns the loss of legendary coach Dick Sheridan as his obituary details the remarkable impact he made on the NC State football program.

The football world mourns the loss of a legendary coach as former NC State football coach Dick Sheridan passed away at 81. 

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Sheridan, who led the Wolfpack from 1986 to 1992, left an indelible mark on the program, turning it into a formidable force in college football. 

Sheridan had a solid 52-29-3 record while in charge and led NC State to six bowl games in seven seasons. 

His coaching prowess and dedication to the sport earned him numerous accolades and the admiration of players, coaches, and fans. 

Dick Sheridan Obituary Details Explored

On Thursday, it was announced that former NC State football coach Dick Sheridan had passed away at 81. 

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The tweet is about the passing of Hall of Fame Coach Dick Sheridan, expressing the mourning and sadness felt by NC State football and the Wolfpack Nation. (Source: Twitter)

The University shared the sad news, revealing that Sheridan had died at Grand Strand Medical Center in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, near his Garden City Beach home. 

The football community, including current NC State football coach Dave Doeren, expressed their condolences and paid tribute to Sheridan’s significant contributions to the sport.

Dick Sheridan, widely regarded as a coaching icon, was the head coach of the NC State Wolfpack football team from 1986 to 1992. Hired from Furman University, where he built a Division I-AA powerhouse, Sheridan immediately began revitalizing the Wolfpack program. 

In his first season at the helm, he led the team to an impressive 8-3-1 overall record and a 5-2 record in the ACC, culminating in a Peach Bowl appearance. 

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This remarkable turnaround was a testament to Sheridan’s coaching understanding and ability to motivate and inspire his players.

Dick Sheridan ***** Cause: Coach Dies Of Illness

While the exact cause of Dick Sheridan’s ***** was not immediately disclosed, it was revealed that health issues prompted his resignation as head coach of the Wolfpack in 1993.

Dick Sheridan *****
The tweet also references Coach Sheridan’s induction into the SCFootballHOF in 2017 and provides a link to more information about him on their website. (Source: Twitter)

At 51, Sheridan decided to step away from coaching, citing his health and the recent passing of his close friend, Wolfpack basketball coach Jim Valvano, as influencing factors. 

It was a poignant moment for Sheridan, who had poured his heart and soul into building a successful football program at NC State.

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After retiring from coaching, Sheridan ventured into other endeavors. He owned several sporting goods stores and worked in the real estate industry in the Myrtle Beach area. While his coaching career had ended, his legacy continued to resonate within the football community. 

Dick Sheridan Coaching Journey

Dick Sheridan’s coaching journey began in a rather unconventional manner. 

Unlike many of his peers, Sheridan did not play college football. Instead, after graduating from the University of South Carolina, he embarked on his coaching career as an assistant football coach and head basketball coach at Eau Claire High School in Columbia. 

Sheridan shown his early talent for inspiring and fostering athletes when leading the basketball team at Eau Claire during his three-year stay to the state semifinals and finals. His coaching prowess flourished when he took on the role of head football coach at Orangeburg High School in 1969.

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These early experiences laid the foundation for his future success, instilling in him the principles of discipline, perseverance, and attention to detail that would shape his coaching style.

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