Doppio Dropscythe Past Life

As Doppio Dropscythe’s VTuber persona gains traction, fans eagerly speculate about his mysterious past life, adding to his allure.

Doppio Dropscythe is one of the most popular English VTubers in the world, with over 10 million subscribers on YouTube and a loyal fanbase of #Scythekicks.

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He is known for his energetic and eccentric personality, his dramatic and nonsensical speeches, and his role as the enforcer of the student council in XSOLEIL, the seventh wave of Nijisanji EN.

But who was he before he became a VTuber? What is his real name, his background, and his motivation for joining Nijisanji?

In this article, we will explore Doppio’s past life and reveal some secrets about this mysterious and charismatic streamer.

Doppio Dropscythe Past Life: A Delinquent Turned Disciplinarian

According to his official profile, Doppio used to be a full-time delinquent before he joined XSOLEIL, an institute of infinity where students can pursue their dreams and talents.

He was involved in various troublemaking activities, such as fighting, graffiti, hacking, and gambling.

He was also a leader of a gang called the Dropouts, which had a reputation for being ruthless and fearless.

Doppio was known as the Duke of Destruction, a nickname that he still uses sometimes in his streams.

Doppio Dropscythe Past Life
Doppio Dropscythe captivates audiences with his vibrant persona, delivering dramatic and whimsical monologues that leave viewers entertained and intrigued. (Image Source: YouTube)

However, Doppio’s life changed when he met Ver Vermillion, the president of the student council and his fellow XSOLEIL member.

Ver challenged Doppio to a duel and defeated him, earning his respect and admiration.

Ver then offered Doppio a chance to join the student council as an enforcer, a role that would allow him to use his skills and charisma for good.

Doppio accepted the offer and became Ver’s right-hand man, as well as his best friend.

As an enforcer, Doppio is responsible for maintaining order and discipline in XSOLEIL, as well as protecting the institute from external threats.

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He often patrols the campus with his signature weapon, a scythe that can transform into various forms.

He also participates in various events and activities with his fellow student council members and XSOLEIL classmates.

He has shown a great improvement in his behavior and attitude, although he still retains some of his delinquent habits and tendencies.

Doppio Dropscythe Family: Ethnicity & Origin

Doppio has not revealed much about his family or personal life, preferring to keep it private and separate from his VTuber persona.

However, he has hinted at some details about his ethnicity and origin in some of his streams and tweets.

Doppio is of mixed race, with Italian and Japanese ancestry. His real name is also partly Italian and partly Japanese, although he has not disclosed it publicly.

Doppio Dropscythe Family
Doppio Dropscythe, amidst occasional family conflicts, remains steadfast in his love and support for his loved ones. (Image Source: Zerochan)

He was born and raised in America, where he attended a public school before joining XSOLEIL. He speaks fluent English and Japanese, as well as some Italian words and phrases.

Doppio has also mentioned that he has a younger sister who is also a VTuber. However, he has not revealed her name or channel, saying that he wants to respect her privacy and let her grow on her own.

He has expressed his love and support for her, as well as his pride in being her brother. Doppio’s family situation is not very stable or happy, as he has hinted at some problems and conflicts with his parents.

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He has said that he does not get along well with them, especially his father, who does not approve of his VTuber career or lifestyle.

He has also said that he does not live with them anymore, having moved out when he joined XSOLEIL. He currently lives alone in an apartment near the institute.

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