Douglas Costa Girlfriend

Who was Douglas Costa girlfriend, Mariana Giordano? Both Douglas and his girlfriend died on a trip after becoming ill.

The news of Douglas and his girlfriend’s demise immediately became known throughout the world. As a result, the mysterious ***** of a racing star and his girlfriend has shocked the entire world.

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Some people are still perplexed about how the pair passed away so unexpectedly. The racer and his girlfriend were prominent figures in their community.

The couple’s presence impacted everyone in the couple’s immediate vicinity. The pair’s caring attitudes and positive perspective had a profound impact on the lives of countless others.

Let us uncover the mysteries surrounding the ***** of Douglas and his loving girlfriend. 

Douglas Costa Girlfriend: Who Is Mariana Giordano?

Mariana Giordano was quite famous for being the wife of a star racing driver, Douglas Costa. The couple were incredibly in love with each other.

They would often go out on dates and visit different places together. The couple made lots of memories together.

However, the details regarding the start of the pair’s relationship are a mystery as of now. In fact, we have no information on how the pair met each other. 

Douglas Costa Girlfriend
Douglas Costa girlfriend, Mariana Giordano. (Source: The Sun)

But, the fact that the couple Douglas and Mariana had a really close bonding and understood each other so well can’t be undefined. 

Mariana was a dentist by profession. But, she stayed tight-lipped about her personal life until the end of her life.

Moreover, her boyfriend, Douglas, respected his girlfriend’s privacy and never talked to the media or the public about her personal life. 

She was born to her parents in her hometown in 1987. By this, we can speculate that the dentist was 36 years old at her ***** in June 2023.

Mariana has not even revealed the identity of her parents. Besides, the dentist has also not discussed other family members in the media.

Giordano and Douglas were planning to further their relationship by marrying each other. However, the marriage will always remain unfulfilled due to their untimely *****.

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Douglas Costa And Girlfriend Mariana Giordano ***** Cause: Did The Pair Have Any Illness?

After taking a trip together in the latter part of last month, racing driver Douglas Costa and his girlfriend, Mariana Giordano, passed away from an unknown illness.

According to The Sun, the race car driver, 42, and his dental partner, 36, visited a “rural area” in Campinas, Brazil, on May 27.

On June 3, they both experienced fever, soreness, and red rashes. The couple may have contracted leptospirosis, dengue, or spotted fever, according to the Epidemiological Surveillance of Jundiai, through Folha UOL.

Douglas Costa Girlfriend
Douglas Costa and his girlfriend passed away from a mysterious illness. (Source:

Dengue includes several symptoms, including headaches and joint pain, and is spread by mosquitoes. Additionally, the infection leptospirosis can cause kidney failure and meningitis.

However, City Hall in the region said, “Given that the patients visited the neighborhood of Monte Verde on the day when symptoms started, it is doubtful that spotted fever was transmitted there.

They had this claim since the disease’s incubation period ranges from two to 14 days.

When he was competing in the Mercedes-Benz competition AMG Cup Brasil, Costa was taken to a private hospital in Jundiai on June 7.

Mariana had already been brought to a hospital in Sao Paulo two days prior. And regrettably, they both passed dead within four hours of one another; on June 8, local media confirmed Costa’s passing.

The funeral for Mariana was held in Sao Paulo, and his burial took place the following day in Itupeva.

AMG Cup Brazil extended its sincere sympathies to all family members and friends of the victim Douglas and his girlfriend, Mariana. 

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