Dr Lionel Meadows Wife

People are searching for Dr Lionel Meadows wife, Kathryn Krueger, and his children after he died in a plane crash. 

Dr. Lionel Dain Meadows, a 54-year-old resident of Clarkesville, passed away on May 8.

He was flying a small plane during a storm on Sunday when it crashed in Polk County’s Cherokee National Forest.

According to colleagues, Meadows had spent the weekend with his family and was flying back home to Clarkesville from South Bend, Indiana.

Meadows was a certified obstetrician and cosmetic surgeon who owned and served as the medical director of Meadows Surgical Arts. The practice had locations in Commerce, Buford, and Monroe, Georgia.

Before specializing in cosmetic surgery, Meadows worked ten years as a senior partner at the Women’s Wellness Center in Toccoa.

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Dr Lionel Meadows Wife Kathryn Krueger Meadows And Children Mourns His Loss

Dr. Lionel Dain Meadows is survived by his wife, Kathryn Krueger Meadows, and their two children. The family is currently mourning the loss of their beloved husband and father.

According to those who knew him, Dr. Lionel Dain Meadows was a dedicated and caring father and husband who prioritized his family, even while managing a busy schedule.

Despite his professional commitments, he made sure to be there for his loved ones and support them whenever possible.

There has been minimal information about Dr Lionel Meadows wife, Kathryn, she has been having an adamant time, so she has preferred to stay out of public and media. 

Dr Lionel Meadows shared a picture with his family.
Dr Lionel Meadows shared a picture with his family. (Image Source: Facebook)

Besides the information about his wife, no information has been shared regarding his children. 

The Whitlock Mortuary in Toccoa has been tasked with handling Dr. Lionel Dain Meadows’ funeral arrangements.

Meadows’ family will receive visitors at the funeral home on Thursday, May 11, from 2–4 pm. and 6–8 pm.

The funeral service will occur at 1 pm on Friday, May 12, at the First Baptist Church of Toccoa, broadcast live on the Meadows Surgical Arts Facebook page.

Who Was Dr Lionel Meadows? 

Lionel was tragically killed in a plane crash on Sunday. The crash occurred in Polk County’s woods, located near the Tennessee-Georgia border.

Dr. Meadows flew a single-engine Cessna 182 chartered by the Georgia Company of Aspiring Flyers, LLC, based in Clarkesville.

He was reportedly traveling alone to visit his family when the accident occurred. The exact reason for the crash has not yet been officially determined.

Cessna 182's wing dropped before fatal crash in Polk County.
Cessna 182’s wing dropped before a fatal crash in Polk County. (Image Source: Local3News.com)

Dr. Lionel Dain Meadows was a highly accomplished surgeon and academician.

He received his bachelor’s degree from Emory University in 1990 and completed his medical education at the Medical College of Georgia and the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga in 1994 and 1998, respectively.

In addition to his surgical practice, Dr. Meadows was actively involved in academia. He frequently spoke at the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery and mentored students from the Philadelphia College of Medicine.

Dr Lionel Meadows wife, Kathryn Meadows, and he together founded the Surgical Hope Foundation a non-profit organization that helps individuals with medical needs who lack financial coverage.

Meadows was a loving husband and father of two children, Aspen and Liesl. He enjoyed playing golf, flying, and guitar in his free time. He was known for his kindness and exceptional patient care.

Dr. Meadows’ passing was confirmed by Meadows Surgical Arts, which expressed its condolences and highlighted his remarkable qualities as a beloved friend, mentor, and surgeon.

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