Flavia Torrealba Wikipedia And Edad. Hoe Old Is FREVS President?

Flavia Torrealba Wikipedia and Edad (age) has been a topic of curiosity among political enthusiasts. Lets get to know more about her in this article.

Flavia Torrealba Diaz is a Chilean politician and Social Green Regionalist Federation (FREVS) president.

FREVS is a Chilean political party which was founded on January 14, 2017 by the union of four regionalist parties. 

It is considered as one of the approved dignified parties over the opposition. 

The party consisted merging of Regional and Popular Front, Green North Regional Force, Social Agrarian Regionalist Independent Movement, and We Are Aysen.

Flavia is often seen expressing her political views on government policies. She was currently seen speaking about the registration of electoral lists.

In the first edition of Radionanalisis, the FREVS president Flavia elaborated on the registration of the election lists of constitutional councilors on May 7.

Furthermore, she disagreed with the opposition parties and called them out for operating with questionable logic.

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Inside Flavia Torrealba Wikipedia and Edad: How Old Is FREVS President?

Flavia Torrealba Wikipedia and Edad have been a subject of interest among people across Chile.

According to the detail in her Facebook profile she is a native of Petorca town Valparaiso, Chile. She currently lives in Vallenar city, Chile.

Though not much is found about the FRVES president, votoSimple.com, a site that collects relevant information about the electoral candidate, claimed she is 52 years old.

Flavia Torrealba Wikipedia and Edad. How Old Is FREVS President?
Flavia Torrealba speaking about the institutional crisis that may occur in the country (Source: elmostrador)

Details about Flavia Torrealba Wikipedia could not be found. This may be because the politician does not want her personal life dragged into media.

Every individual have a right to avoid public disclosures. In todays world, it is hard to maintain your family’s privacy, especially when you’re constantly in the news and limelight.

We have observed how political figures are often the target of criticism and bullying. Their choices and opinions are closely noted and highlighted.

This might be the intention behind Flavia not revealing the details about her private life.

Other than that Flavia is active user of social sites like Facebook and Instagram where she often shares her thoughts and viewpoints.

Besides that, Torrealba has shared few pictures of her children when she took them to football matches.

Flavia Torrealba Family: Husband And Children

Flavia is the wife of famous Chilean politician and lawyer Jaime Mulet Martinez. Born on August 3, 1963, he is the son of Juan Gaspar Mulet and Carlota Martinez Franco.

The president of FREVS and Jaime mullet have been married for a long time now. Together the couple has five beautiful children, three daughters and two sons.

Turns out Flavia is not the only politician in the family. Her husband Jaime was a member of the Permanent Commissions of Public Works.

Furthermore, he was also the member of Transportation and Telecommunication, Sports and Recreation and Internal Regime & Administration.

Flavia Torrealba Wikipedia And Edad. Hoe Old Is FREVS President?
Flavia Torrealba days after assuming as the new president of FREVS (Source: t13envivo)

On March 11, 2022, Jaime took over the position of Deputy for a new term, representing the Social Green Regionalist Federation, Atacama Region for the period 2022-2026.

The accurate information about how Flavia and Jaime met, is not made public. Therefore, we could not gather additional information on their marriage.

We assume they want the public’s attention in their political career rather than their personal life.

On April 2023, the FERVS president expressed her discontent on the destabilized political sector and the challenges Chile faces as a country, such as the climate crisis, security and food sovereignty.

She shed some light on how the opposition party must become aware of the country’s seriousness.

Even though Flavia Torrealba does not share her personal detail to the public, she continues to share her political insights in the media.

We wish her all the best for her political career.

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