Francisco Oropesa Jail

This article will provide information about Francisco Oropesa jail, the shooter from Cleveland, Texas. 

Last week, a man suspected of committing a mass shooting near Cleveland, Texas, killed five people, including a 9-year-old boy.

All five are believed to be from Honduras, were shot in the head, and ranged in age from 9 to 31. The shooting occurred near Cut and Shoot, approximately 17 miles west of Cleveland.

Police have recovered the suspected AR-15-style rifle used in the shooting, clothes, and a cell phone believed to belong to the suspect, Francisco Oropesa.

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Francisco Oropesa Jail: Cleveland Texas Shooter Arrested And Charged

After a multi-day search, Francisco Oropesa, the 38-year-old suspected shooter in the Cleveland, Texas mass shooting, was arrested by authorities at approximately 7 pm local time.

He was apprehended in Cut and Shoot, Texas, and was held on murder charges. Oropesa is being held on a $5 million bond at the Montgomery County Jail.

Sheriff Greg Capers stated that Oropesa shot his neighbors on Friday night after they asked him to stop firing rounds in his yard. A news conference regarding the arrest was scheduled for later that night.

Francisco Oropesa is a suspect in the mass shooting that occurred in Cleveland, Texas on April 30, 2023

Francisco Oropesa is a suspect in the mass shooting in Cleveland, Texas, on April 30, 2023. (Image Source: Fox News)

Oropesa, a Mexican national, was arrested in connection with the Cleveland, Texas, shooting. Oropesa has been removed from the United States four times due to deportation, with the most recent deportation in 2016.

It is currently unknown what Oropesa’s current immigration status is. This information suggests that Oropesa entered the country illegally or violated immigration laws. Still, it is unclear whether his immigration status affected the shooting.

Authorities have not disclosed the motive behind the Cleveland, Texas, shooting. The investigation is ongoing, and it may take some time to determine the reason behind the attack.

Law enforcement officials are likely conducting a thorough investigation to gather evidence and interview witnesses, and they may be withholding information to avoid compromising the investigation.

The specific charges against him may vary depending on the evidence gathered during the investigation. 

Additionally, depending on the circumstances surrounding the shooting, he may face other charges, such as aggravated assault or weapons offenses.

The district attorney’s office will decide on charges after reviewing all the evidence gathered by the investigators.

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Cleveland Texas Shooting That Killed Five People 

The Cleveland, Texas, shooting occurred on April 30, 2023, and resulted in the death of five people.

The Cleveland, Texas, shooting has shocked and saddened the local community. Neighbors of the victims have created a memorial to honor their memory.

The victims included a mother, her young son, two other women, and an 18-year-old man.

Friday night shooting in San Jacinto County kills 5, including eight year old child.
Friday night shooting in San Jacinto County kills 5, including an eight-year-old child. (Image Source: The Independent)

The victims were identified as Sonia Guzman (28), Diana Velasquez (21), Obdulia Molina (31), Jonathan Caceres (18), and Daniel Enrique Lazo (9). All the victims were from Honduras and were shot in the head.

The memorial created by neighbors includes flowers, candles, and messages of support for the victims’ families. People in the community struggle to accept the tragic loss of life and mourn the victims.

The shooting has sparked renewed calls for gun control and action to prevent similar incidents from happening in the future.

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