Gino D'acampo

Is Gino D’acampo Arrested? The news of a celebrity chef’s detention is all over the internet, and we’ve elaborated on everything in this article.

Gino D’acampo is a renowned celebrity chef from Italy based in the United Kingdom. He is widely famous for his food-focused television shows and cookbooks.

Besides, D’acampo first came into the spotlight after becoming a regular chef on the ITV show This Morning. Later, he also appeared in other television shows, which helped him gain fame.

Also, Gino is famous for appearing in another television show named Family Fortunes. Apart from his professional life, Gino also makes headlines due to some reasons and is now in the limelight due to his arrest news.

Is Gino D’acampo Arrested?

As said earlier, the arrest news of Gino D’acampo is going viral, but the news seems to be from the past. An article, “Last Week In Weed Issue 53,” was published by The Simpa Life, where they talked about many drug issues.

Likewise, they discussed something about Gino’s arrest. Exploring the article, we learned that the incident was from the last November, as Gino was found with cannabis in his luggage at a UK airport.

The chef came to the attention of uniformed officers with a sniffer dog at the small airport shortly after leaving Gordon Ramsey’s private jet at Farnborough Airport in Hampshire. 

Gino D'acampo Arrested
Gino D’acampo was arrested on November 2022 while flying back from Spain with Gordon Ramsey and Fred Siriei. (Source: The Guardian)

Likewise, the report showed Gino was flying back from Spain with Gordon Ramsey and Fred Sirieix, where they had been filming a new series of the ITV show named Gordon, Gino, and Fred: Road Trip.

Perhaps Gino joined one of the country’s numerous cannabis social clubs while they were in the country filming for the show. The article was published on the website on April 3, 2023, and is now in the spotlight.

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Gino D’acampo Arrest Charges And Verdict Update

According to The Simpa Life, all three, Gordon, Fred, and Gino, were detained following the above-mentioned incident. Shortly, it was known that Gino was the one the dog was interested in. 

A subsequent investigation of Gino’s possessions resulted in finding a small box of cannabis in his bag. The others from the flight were free, and uniformed officers took Gino away. 

Gino D'acampo Arrest Charges
Gino D’Acampo was caught with cannabis by Border Force sniffer dogs as the celebrity chef flew into Britain. (Source: The Sun)

After allegedly reassuring the officers that the cannabis was for medicinal use and that Gino smoked it to help treat a bad back. Later, he was reportedly released. It is said that he was also issued a fine and given a warning.

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Where Is Gino D’acampo Now?

As said earlier, Gino D’acampo has already been released after getting a fine and a warning following his detention last November. So, he is now busy with his professional life and is focused on his career.

We can get updated with his lifestyle by following him on Instagram, where he is registered as @iamginodacampo. People were eager to know about his current status following his recent detention.

Gino D'acampo Now
Gino D’acampo shares a photo on Instagram from Leeds Marriott Hotel. (Source: Instagram)

Meanwhile, this is not the first time he was engaged in legal troubles. Gino previously served two years in prison as he was convicted of burgling singer Paul Young’s London home in 1998. 

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