Lauren Dickason Husband

Graham Dickason is Lauren Dickason husband. He was a loving father and devoted husband.

Graham led a loving family of five with his wife, Lauren Dickason. But he had no idea his life would be shattered by a horrific crime that shocked the world.

His wife, Lauren, killed their three daughters in their home in Timaru on 16 September 2021. He was not at home when the tragedy occurred.

Lauren Dickason has been found guilty of killing her three daughters – Karla, Liane and Maya. Following the conviction, there has been much interest in Laurens’ husband.

So, who is Graham Dickason? Let’s unpack all the known details about the husband of the woman who brutally killed their three children.

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Who Is Graham Dickason, Lauren Dickason Husband? Wikipedia And Age

Graham Dickason is the husband of Lauren Dickason, the woman who has recently been found guilty of killing their three daughters, namely Karla, Liane and Maya, in 2021.

Lauren Dickason Husband
Graham Dickason’s wife, Lauren Dickason (pictured above), killed their three young daughters in September 2021. (Image Source: AP News)

According to reports, Graham Dickason is a respected orthopedic surgeon. He moved to New Zealand from South Africa with his wife and children.

As for his age, Graham was born in 1977, making him 47 years old as of 2024.

Apart from being a respected medical professional, Graham was also a loving spouse who led a beautiful family with his wife. In addition, he was a proud father of three adorable girls.

However, the surgeon lost his precious children when his wife, Lauren Dickason, murdered them on 16 September 2021.

Graham Dickason was not at home and was reportedly working at Timaru Hospital, where he had recently got a job as an orthopedic surgeon.

When he returned home around 10 pm, Graham found his wife and children in a bedroom. His three daughters were lying lifeless in the bed.

The shocked father called the police and tried resuscitating his daughters, but it was too late.

Graham Dickason was interviewed by the police the next day after the tragedy. He returned to South Africa after the shocking incident.

Graham later gave evidence at his wife’s trial via audio-visual link from South Africa. The heartbroken father said that his wife was stressed and depressed.

Dickason also said that he loved her and did not see any signs of her psychosis. The jury rejected his wife’s defense of insanity and found her guilty of murder.

Mr. Dickason has not spoken publicly since the verdict and is still grieving for his daughters.

Graham Dickason Said His Wife Was Not Nurturing

In the same interview with authorities, Graham Dickason said his wife was “not nurturing” after he was asked to describe Laurens’ characteristics as a mother.

Graham also highlighted the further background about Laurents’ lengthy mental health struggles and obstacles during Covid-19. He said his wife was “not in a good place.”

Lauren Dickason Husband
Graham Dickason lost his three daughters (pictured above) in 2021. (Image Source: RNZ)

According to Graham, Lauren had suffered from postpartum depression after giving birth to their youngest daughter, Karla, in February 2021.

She had also struggled with the lockdowns, the isolation, and the lack of support in New Zealand.

He said he always tried to reassure her that she was a good mother, but maybe that was a mistake because she never believed him and felt more isolated and unhappy.

“I just never thought she could do something like this,” added the shattered father.

On the other hand, Lauren Dickason’s family said that she was not their daughter. They added a debilitating mental illness that resulted in the awful tragedy.

The family thanked the people of New Zealand, South Africa, and people from around the world for their support and understanding of the effects of postpartum depression.

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