Huw Edwards Plastic Surgery

This article gives insights into Huw Edwards plastic surgery details. What is wrong with the journalist’s face? 

Huw Edwards is a newsreader, journalist, and presenter from Wales. Edwards hosted BBC News at Ten, the company’s top newscast.

Edwards not only hosts the hour-long BBC News at Five programs on the BBC’s rolling news channel BBC News, but he also steps in occasionally as the network’s lead presenter for BBC News at Six.

The host of BBC World News, which covers domestic and international news, also hosted BBC News at One, BBC Weekend News, Daily Politics, and BBC News at One.

Edwards oversaw the BBC’s coverage of significant royal events like Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee and the wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton.

The reporter also covered the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, the burial of Prince Philip, the passing and state funeral of Queen Elizabeth II, and the coronation of Charles III and Camilla.

However, the journalist is named as a BBC presenter caught up in a recent nude pictures scandal. As a result, rumors of his plastic surgery have surfaced on the internet.  

Did the BBC’s top-paid star undergo plastic surgery? Let’s find out. 

Huw Edwards Plastic Surgery: Before And After

Several rumors about Huw Edwards’ plastic surgery have been circulating the web. But, the journalist has never opened up about undergoing any kind of surgery. 

Edwards may have disguised himself to avoid public attention at some point. But he was never caught doing so, and such news has not even surfaced about him. 

Huw Edwards Plastic Surgery
Huw Edwards has not undergone any kind of surgery. (Image Source: The Mirror)

So, due to the lack of official information, it is safe to say that the journalist never underwent plastic surgery in his lifetime. Even if he did, the journalist does not want the public to know about it. 

Likewise, rumors about his attempted suicide also surfaced in the media a few days back. But, the journalist has not made any suicide attempts even though he was a depressed patient for a long time.

Mr. Edwards acknowledged that his battle with depression started in 2002 when he was working as a newscaster.

He stressed that depression is a recurrent disease that comes and goes rather than an isolated incident.

He admitted that there were days when he couldn’t get out of bed, didn’t want to go to work, and had no desire to engage with others as he explained the overpowering severity of his despair.

Huw had to push himself to go on the broadcast and maintain a positive public image despite these difficulties. His severe sadness has occasionally made it impossible for him to work at all.

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Huw Edwards Health In 2023: What Is Wrong With The Journalist’s Face?

There is nothing wrong with Huw Edwards’ face, but people believe they can see changes recently as if he’s had surgery. 

But, as mentioned above, the journalist has not mentioned undergoing surgery during his lifetime. 

Huw Edwards Plastic Surgery
Huw Edwards does not suffer from any physical disease at this time. (Image Source: Instagram)

Likewise, the BBC presenter does not have a disease as of 2023. His current health reports indicate that the 62-year-old presenter is in perfect health condition.

Huw works out to keep his health in check. For your information, physical activity improves mental health issues, as the journalist was subject to depression earlier in his career.

Huw uses boxing as one of his primary forms of exercise to preserve his mental health.

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