Irish Grinstead

R&B girl group member Irish passed away at the age of 43. Was Irish Grinstead pregnant before death? Here is what we have about Grinstead’s illness and health issues. 

Irish Grinstead was a well-known singer from America who was widely famous for being associated with the girl group 702.

Together with them, she sang a hit song named Where My Girls At?

702, named from the Las Vegas area code, comprised the Grinstead sisters and Kameelah Williams. Their debut album, No Doubt, was released in 1996.

Before disbanding in 2006, the group won multiple awards for their amazing songs.

Everyone is mourning the loss of the beloved singer Irish, whose death news was confirmed.

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Was Irish Grinstead Pregnant Before Death?

No, Irish Grinstead was not pregnant before her death. Following her death at 43, people have been asking many questions about the singer’s life.

Just like that, the topic of her pregnancy has also left everyone confused.

Despite the rumors of her pregnancy, it can be said that Grinstead was not pregnant and was not expecting a child.

Irish Grinstead Pregnant
Irish Grinstead was not pregnant before her death, but people have been asking many questions. (Source: Hindustan Times)

Apart from that, there were no facts of Grinstead having an affair or dating a partner. She was said to be single at the time of her death.

From this, it can be confirmed that Grinstead was not pregnant as she was unmarried and didn’t have a romantic affair.

All the rumors came into the media prominence without any facts.

In the same way, the verified media sources have not given any news about this topic yet.

Irish Grinstead Illness: What Was She Dealing With?

Irish Grinstead took her last breath after a long battle with an undisclosed illness.

Grinstead’s older sister, LeMisha, shared the tragic news, saying that the Irish died unexpectedly.

While sharing the post on Instagram, LeMisha wrote, “She has had a long battle, and she is finally at peace. That girl was as bright as the stars! She was not only beautiful on the outside, but also within.”

Irish Grinstead Illness
Irish Grinstead was famous for being part of 702 and died after dealing with an illness. (Source: Yahoo News Canada)

Despite sharing the news of Grinstead’s demise, it has not been confirmed what was the actual illness the late singer dealt with.

This has left her fans and followers worried, and everyone wants to know more, which may get updated in the future.

Take A Look At the Irish Grinstead Health Issue

Irish Grinstead health was not fine before her death. It has been said that the singer has been having problems with her health for a long time.

Furthermore, the topic of Irish health got more into media prominence in December 2022 when the Irish took a medical leave of absence due to serious medical issues.

The Hollywood Reporter reported the news, but it has not been said what were the issues with her health.

Her twin sister Orish died of kidney failure in 2008 at 27.

Irish Grinstead Health Issue
Irish Grinstead took a break after having a health issue. (Source: The Llanelli Herald)

When Irish’s death news was shared on social media, people got confused about her death cause and started speculating that she also died of kidney failure.

However, there is no truth about it as the fact has not yet been shared with the public. Also, the family of Grinstead has not said anything about this matter. 

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