Is Dujon Sterling Related To Raheem

Both Dujon Sterling and Raheem Sterling are renowned names in the field of English football. Since they share the same last name many ask “Is Dujon Sterling related to Raheem?”

Dujon Sterling and Raheem Sterling are two talented names on the football field who are working hard to establish their identities. 

Dujon Sterling is an English footballer who currently plays for Scottish Premiership side Rangers as a right-back. Recently, on May 30, 2023, it was revealed that he signed a deal with Rangers for four-year.

As a player, Dujon Sterling is known for his pace, athleticism, and ability to contribute both defensively and offensively from the right-back position. The young athlete is hardworking and dedicated and fans are excited to see what can he bring to the table.

On the other hand, Raheem Sterling is a professional English footballer who currently plays as an attacking midfielder and winger for the England national team and Premier League club Chelsea. 

He signed for Chelsea on July 13, 2022, on a five-year contract for £47.5 million fee. Moreover, throughout his career, Raheem has received praise for his speed, skill, and ability to create and score goals. 

Now, via this article, let’s explore if Dujon and Raheem are related to one another.

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Is Dujon Sterling Related To Raheem? Are They Brother?

Most people believe the two football players, Dujon Sterling, and Raheem Sterling to be biological brothers because they are both from England and have the same last name.

But, Dujon Sterling and Raheem Sterling are not related.

Despite sharing the same surname, they are not related to each other. “Sterling” is a relatively common surname, and in this case, it is purely a coincidence that both footballers share the same last name.

They do not have any known familial connection. Additionally, both of them were born to different parents with different backgrounds.

Is Dujon Sterling Related To Raheem
No, Dujon Sterling and Raheem Sterling are not related to each other. (Source: Instagram)

Although Dujon and Raheem don’t share any known familial ties, there is no denying that both of them are playing exceptionally well in their respective teams.

While Dujon has signed a deal with Rangers, Raheem has signed for Chelsea on loan.

A Look At Dujon Sterling Family 

Dujon Sterling was born in London to Jamaican parents. The athlete was welcomed into this world on 24 October 1999 in Islington, England, by extremely loving and supportive parents.

Although the names of his parents haven’t been revealed yet, Dujon shared that he is extremely grateful to his parents for providing him with unconditional push and motivation.

Is Dujon Sterling Related To Raheem
Dujon Sterling has shared very less details regarding his parents and family background. (Source: Instagram)

Besides, Dujon Sterling’s parents must be proud to witness his striking professional career. 

Although he has made a name for himself as a right-back, he has already demonstrated his versatility by playing both as a winger and a striker for the Blues youth squad.

Raheem Sterling Family Details 

Raheem Sterling was born to Jamaican parents in Jamaica, but he moved to England at the age of five and holds dual nationality. 

He belongs to a Christian household and comes from a supportive family background. Speaking of his parents, Raheem’s mom, Nadine Clarke was a former competitive athlete who played in the Jamaican’s athletics national team.

But, his father, Phillip Slayter is no longer alive to witness his achievements since he was murdered in Jamaica when Raheem was just two years old.

As the athlete has been raised entirely by his mom, Sterling shares a tight-knit bond with her and he is working hard to make her proud.

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