Is Jigna Vora In Jail

Indian journalist Jigna Vora was charged for her alleged involvement in the ****** of another journalist  J Dey in 2011. But where is she now? Is Jigna Vora in jail?

The Netflix television series Scoop was released on Friday. With its hooking story based on journalism, crime, and gangsters, the show has managed to grab massive attention.

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Renowned actress Karishma Tanna portrayed Jigna Vora’s character.

Following the release of the real-life high-profile court case-based series, many people are curious about Jyotirmoy Dey’s ****** case.

Let’s take a detailed to at what happened to J Dey and Jigna Vora in today’s short piece.

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Is Jigna Vora In Jail? J Dey ****** Case Update 2023

No. Jigna Vora is not in jail. The journalist was later released as there was not enough evidence.

She was arrested and charged for allegedly conspiring the ****** of another journalist J Dey with gangster Chota Rajan in 2011. At the time, she worked as a crime reporter for the Mumbai-based newspaper Asian Age.

Is Jigna Vora In Jail
Actress Karishma Tanna as Jigna Vora in the hit Netflix show Scoop. (Image Source: Auralcrave)

On the other hand, senior crime reporter Jyotirmoy Dey worked for the Mid-DAY newspaper in Mumbai and was renowned for his in-depth reporting on organized crime and the Mumbai underworld.

On 11 June 2011, he was fatally shot by an unidentified person in broad daylight near his residence in Powai, Mumbai.

A few days later, the police inquiry revealed the guilty party. Seven individuals were arrested for their alleged association with Chhota Rajan, a notorious criminal of the Mumbai underworld.
Back then, Jyotirmoy Dey reported the gangster connecting his identity to a ******** in the area after the authorities interrogated Vinod Asrani’s brother, Manoj.

While Jigna denied all allegations, police accused her of supplying Dey’s license plate number and residence information to Chhota Rajan. According to the police, Vora and Dey had a professional feud.

However, there wasn’t enough proof to back up Jigna Vora’s accusation. On July 27, 2012, a special court released Vora on bail on the grounds that she was a single mother raising a child and had no prior criminal record.

The journalist has also published a memoir, Behind Bars in Byculla: My Days in Prison. Jigna Vora’s memoir and the Netflix show detail her traumatizing experience.

Where Is Jigna Vora Now?

After going through a tough phase in her journalism career, Jigna Vora now works as a tarot reader and healer.

As reported by The Week, she has been healing many people while predicting their future through astrology for the last five years.

Is Jigna Vora In Jail
Jigna Vora now works as a tarot reader and healer. (Image Source: Times of India)

Besides, she is also writing and researching web series and movies. Talking about her education and career, the formal journalist earned her diploma degree from Smaiya College.

During her college day, Velly Thevar, a renowned crime reporter, influenced her significantly. She is determined to pursue her career as a crime reporter.

However, she had to give up her internship with a famous law firm as her parents urged her to get married. She married a man, supposedly an engineer, who also ran a printing press in Gujarat. But her marriage ended on a bitter note.

Afterward, she moved to her maternal home and dedicated herself to pursuing her dream and caring for her young son.

She worked for Free Press Journal and Asian Age. During her stint at Asian Age, she covered the sensational case of Jaya Chheda, who plotted to kill Vora’s ex-husband to take over his successful Mumbai business.

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