Trayce Thompson and Klay Thompson

Trayce Thompson and Klay Thompson are brothers. Klay is the older brother of a professional basketball outfielder, Trayce Thompson.

Trayce and Klay are both professional basketball players; Trayce plays with the Los Angeles Dodgers of Major League Baseball (MLB), whereas Klay is with the Golden State Warriors of the National Basketball Association (NBA).

Trayce started his professional life in 2009, whereas Klay spent some time in college football and started his professional career in basketball in 2011. 

Is Trayce Thompson Related To Klay Thompson?

Trayce Thompson and Klay Thompson are brothers, and both brothers have been well-known basketball players for a long time.

Klay is the older brother of Trayce, and they share a good bond; after all, they are connected in the same field. 

Klay started playing basketball in high school. He played junior and senior at Santa Margarita Catholic High School; then, he joined Washington State University and played his first year. He gave time in college football; then, he started his professional career in 2011. 

Whereas Trayce, the younger one, started his professional career in 2009, he was selected by Chicago White Sox. 

Both have given their whole life to basketball; Trayce and Klay are brothers and share a great bond.

Trayce Thompson Brothers And Their Age Gap

Trayce is the youngest of all; he has two brothers who are both basketball players. Mychel Thompson is the elder brother who played college basketball at Pepperdine University.

Klay Thompson is Trayce’s older brother, a professional football player playing for the Golden State Warriors. They were interested in basketball early; Trayce grew up seeing his brother play basketball.

Michel was born on June 1, 1988, and is now. Klay Thompson was born on February 1990, and he is 31 years old. Klay shares two years of an age gap with his older brother.

Trayce, the youngest, was born in 1991; he is 30. Trayce has only one year of an age gap with Klay and three years of an age gap with Mychel.

Trayce Thompson and Klay Thompson
Trayce Thompson and Klay Thompson. Source: MiroMedium

They all support each other as siblings and seem to share a great bond and closeness.

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Trayce Thompson Family Tree

Trayce Thompson was born to Julie Thompson and Mychal Thompson in 1991.

His Father, Mychal, is a Bahamian-American former basketball player; he was selected in the 1978 NBA draft. He currently works in sports radio.

Julie, his mother, was a volleyball player; she played women’s volleyball at the University of San Francisco.

The more about his mother has not been disclosed. Their parents are still married and live together in the United States.

Trayce's Parents
Trayce’s Parents. Source: Heavy

Everyone in his family plays basketball, as all two older brothers are basketball players and his Father too.

Trayce is also known as the son of famous player Mychal Thompson. He was first inspired by his Father to play basketball; he watched him play when he grew up.

Trayce Thompson and Klay Thompson Net Worth Updates

A well-known basketball player Trayce Thompson has been earning a high amount every year; his net worth in 2022 is close to $3 million, per some sources.

Klay Thompson’s net worth is much more than Trayce, and his net worth will be more than $50 million in the year 2022. Their primary source of income is from their career as professional basketball players.

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